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Can being just ‘a little in love’ help Rose and James find their own happy-ending…
About the Author
I was really intrigued by the family dynamics in James’ family and why he seemed quite so different from his dad and brother. Rose’s family was also interesting as her lovely dad was a vicar which put certain pressures and expectation on her. I felt at times though that it made her perhaps a little more innocent or naïve than most women her age might be.
A Little in Love is a charming and romantic easy read. It’s perfect if you are looking for a bit escapism and let’s face it, who isn’t right now!
About the book
The little village of Weddington is fast becoming THE place to get married. With its stately home, castle and two churches it has something for everyone, and now, famous after appearing in huge romcom movie hit A Little In Love, it’s hosting a monthly wedding fayre…
A Little in Love is a sweet and funny love story. Rose was a lovely character and I really enjoyed reading about her business selling prosecco from her vintage bike. The wedding fairs she attended to promote her fledgling business provided some very entertaining moments! After an unpromising start, the friendship and budding relationship between her and florist James Blume was lovely to follow, although of course the path to true love never does run smoothly does it? (And yes I did just make a flower related pun).
Rose Pedal is the proud owner of Pedals & Prosecco, a brand new business serving ice-cold fizz from a vintage bicycle, and she’s excited to be attending her first wedding fayre. But, on the way to Weddington Hall she’s involved in a near miss crash involving dashingly handsome James from Blume’s Florist.
My Thoughts
Arriving at the beautiful stately home drenched and disheveled, Rose is horrified to find James is not only not sorry for nearly knocking her off her bike, but he’s gatecrashing her allocated spot on the lawn. His arrogance gets her back up and it’s definitely a case of hate at first sight.  But as the wedding fayre season continues, James gently wins Rose over, and their relationship starts to bloom.
First non festive book review in a while from me although there are plenty celebrations in A Little in Love by Florence Keeling, mostly of the wedding variety. Big thanks to Sara-Jade at Simon & Schuster for sending me an e-copy for review. A Little in Love is available as an ebook and you’ll find buying options for various e-book platforms on the Simon & Schuster website here: A Little in Love

Florence Keeling LOVES weddings. She married the man she met when she was four months old, and 21 years of married bliss later, they are still VERY much in love. Her love of stories started with Mr Men and Topsy and Tim, she longed to attend Cackle’s Academy and spend days sharing adventures with the Famous Five. As a grown up, she wrangles two grown up kids, two mad huskies and three day jobs. A Little In Love  is her third work of fiction.  Follow her on twitter at @KeelingFlorence.

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