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My thanks to Hayley Cox and AwesomeBooks!
In addition to championing sustainability within the retail sector, AwesomeBooks is also passionate about promoting literacy. Their ‘buy one, give one’ initiative runs across the entire site and sees AwesomeBooks donate a book to someone in need for every one sold. This year they have pledged 250,000 books to the National Literacy Trust to support children across the UK.
I also have a discount code for you to use to obtain 20% off all used books on until 31 December 2021 (please note they do also sell new books). Any purchases during this period will also fall into AwesomeBooks’ ‘buy one, give one’ programme supporting the National Literacy Trust. The code is BookScribes.
Did you know that more than 80% of a book’s carbon footprint is taken up in its original paper-production and printing processes? By reusing books and rehoming second-hand copies we can all help to reduce the environmental impact of book production.
AwesomeBooks is one of the UK’s biggest online and second-hand book retailers. Their pioneering circular business model is centred around reuse to ensure that no book is thrown away or wasted – used books are collected and either re-sold, donated or recycled and turned into something new. Since its launch in 2004, the retailer has saved 132 million books globally from landfill! By selling used books alongside new editions, they make reading more accessible and the circular model reduces the environmental impact of book production.
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20% off Used Books at Terms and Conditions: Hayley very kindly offered me a bespoke package with a book selected specially for me and the one I received was Mum & Dad by Joanna Trollope which I haven’t read and which looks really good. The book itself is in a very readable condition.
A few weeks ago Hayley Cox from Midas PR contacted me to ask if I would like to blog about AwesomeBooks. AwesomeBooks is a sustainable bookseller that is committed to making a positive impact with every book sold.


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