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As their paths continue to cross, and Emma is reminded of everything she ran away from, she starts to wonder if returning home was a huge mistake.
When you look at a painting, what do you really see?
So that’s WWW Wednesday complete. Have you read any of these books? Do any catch your fancy? Let me know in the comments and if you take part yourself, do pop a link to your post in the comments too. I do like to see what everyone is reading!

Now, as she wades into the sparkling surf for the first time in fifteen years, she remembers everything she loved about this beautiful place. Then a huge wave knocks her off her feet. Dripping wet, Emma is rescued by none other than Luke – who is, to her dismay, even more handsome than ever.
I’ve been eyeing up this book by Michelle Sloan for a while and bought myself a copy a few weeks ago. The painting on the front by Henry Raeburn is called The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch, also known as The Skating Minister. Duddingston Loch is not that far from me in Holyrood Park although it’s been some years since it was frozen hard enough to skate on. You can see the actual painting in the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh so I took a photo outside the gallery. It was festival time so I thought the chances of getting a decent photo actually inside the building were quite low!

What are you currently reading?
When eighteenth-century poet Alison Cockburn accepts a light-hearted challenge from her friend Katherine Hume to live as a man, in order to infiltrate Edinburgh’s all-male skating club, little do they both realise how her new identity will shape their future.

What are you reading next
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What have you finished reading?
Emma loved her life in the seaside village of Silver Cove. But when the discovery of sunken treasure ignited a feud between her family and that of Luke, her first love, everything fell apart. Heartbroken and betrayed, she fled.
This is the book I had been planning to read last week when it was still sunny and warm. It’s now definitely turned more autumnal but I am thoroughly enjoying a little bit of summer sunshine in the pages of this book.
As they start their training in Hertfordshire, they discover England isn’t quite the promised land; for every door that’s opened to them, the sisters find many slammed in their faces. And though the girls find friendships with their fellow nurses, Connie struggles with being so far from home, and keeping secret the daughter she has left behind in search of a better life for the both of them . . .

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Or could the real treasure have been waiting here for her all along?

I changed my mind from last week’s post about what to read next. I’m sharing an author Q&A with Sarah Lee tomorrow so I really wanted to read her book An Ocean Apart first. I really enjoyed this warm story about three nurses from the Caribbean to work in the National Health Service.
It’s 1954 and, in Barbados, Ruby Haynes spots an advertisement for young women to train as nurses for the new National Health Service in Great Britain. Her sister, Connie, takes some persuading, but soon the sisters are on their way to a new country – and a whole new world of experiences.
The Edinburgh Skating Club is the tale of one woman’s mission to infiltrate a male-dominated society. Imaginative, romantic and ultimately moving, this time-shift adventure celebrates the women overlooked by history – and, above all, love, in all its unexpected forms.
Under the golden Cornish sun, buried treasure and family secrets will change Emma’s life forever…
And in the present, art historian Claire Sharp receives a mysterious request: to settle once and for all the true provenance of the iconic painting The Skating Minister.

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