There are some very interesting insights revealed, such as where we are in time to the dinosaurs, the cycle of cataclysmic occurrences and why they aren’t necessarily bad for the planet for example.
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Published by Seven Dials
The book is broken down into 10 short chapters or essays, each detailing a specific topic, such as the eras that the history of the Earth is categorised, or how dinosaurs raised their young. It deals with people’s common misconceptions about the eras certain dinosaurs existed in, comparing the facts with Jurassic Park for example. This is all done in a fun, light-hearted way. The reader never feels that the author is talking down to them. The book is only 128 pages long and this coupled with the way it is broken down means that it can either be read in one sitting or a chapter at a time.
Perfect for anyone fascinated by the dinosaur exhibits at museums, palaeontology and fans of Jurassic Park.
A beginners guide to everything you need to know about dinosaurs, this is a fascinating, entertaining and enlightening little book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It is clear that Dr Lomax loves his job. His childhood fascination with dinosaurs has led to his career as a Palaeologist. As he says, he gets to play with dinosaurs for a living. That enthusiasm is clear to see in each chapter. There is insight into how scientists discover new species and how the appearance and behaviour of each is established, lots of times purely through bones.
Dinosaurs still fascinate humans, even after millions of years of extinction. From fiction to film, cartoons to fossil hunters, dinosaurs seem to be everywhere. In Dinosaurs, Dr Dean Lomax gives easy, accessible and entertaining insight into these creatures that have enduring appeal.

It is the little insightful snippets that make the reader stop and think. It’s a little mind-blowing to think that scientists have only really scratched the surface in the identification of dinosaur species, that there are far more that are still to be discovered, or will never be discovered than are already known about. It’s also fascinating to know that dinosaurs are still on earth, closer to us than we probably realise.
Travel back to the prehistoric world and discover the most fascinating parts of the lives of Earth’s most awe-inspiring creatures – the dinosaurs.

Dr Dean Lomax brings these prehistoric creatures to life in ten bite-sized essays, written for people short on time but not curiosity. Making big ideas simple, Dean takes readers on a journey to uncover what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, what dinosaurs ate, how they evolved, what caused them to go extinct, and more!

Publication date – 2 September 2021

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