One day a little boy discovers a forgotten rainbow on his adventures. He takes it home, cares for it, repairs it and then brings it along as he sails the deepest oceans, climbs mountains and fights dragons. But when the rainbow disappears he feels lost and doesn’t think he can go on his brave adventures any more.
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The nameless boy soon realises he can still be brave and adventurous and strong without the rainbow, that it is the qualities inside himself that makes him who is he is. The story helps children see the importance of kindness, that being sad for losing something is ok and that they will find the strength to go on.
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The illustrations perfectly match the story, with bright, vibrant rainbow colours. The deep blues invoke stormy seas and the red dragon pops off the page.

Published by Little Door Books
After the huge success of her debut picture book, The Girl Who Stole The Stars, Corrina brings this beautiful story about the meaning of being strong, brave and fearless. A gentle and timely picture book helping children engage and talk about feelings of love and loss. Corrina is a highly talented new author/ illustrator with a wonderfully quirky style, bringing to life her colourful world. What does it mean to be strong, brave and fearless? When a little boy finds a broken rainbow lying on the ground he decides to take it home and look after it. The little boy loves the rainbow but when it eventually disappears he finds out what it really means to be strong, brave and fearless. A magical story exploring one boy’s journey through love and loss.
A great little book to curl up with at story time, and one with the right amount of repetition to allow those learning to read to read this book to themselves or to others.

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