Northern Bake Off by Susan Willis #novella #bookreview @SusanWillis69

This is not a book to read when you are hungry as the bakes all sounded mouth-wateringly delicious! A few recipes are included at the end and I am very tempted to give the white chocolate and raspberry bread-and-butter pudding a go.
Susan lives in the North East of England and in between buying shoes and eating chocolate she has written nine eBooks and five Short Reads. She has delved into the world of Cosy Crime Short Reads, ‘An Author is Missing’ and ‘Megan’s Mistake’ to name a few. Susan reckons these are nearly as good as a Galaxy chocolate bar!
My Thoughts
Northern Bake-Off is a quick and easy read, a light and enjoyable romance. It’s sure to be enjoyed by anyone who likes watching the Great British Bake Off on tv.
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About the Author
I’m a big fan of the Great British Bake Off and when I spotted this novella on my Kindle, I thought I’d give it a read. It’s a revised edition of a novel which was previously published as The Bake Off.
About the book
Nicola was a really likeable character, with good friends and a great baking ability of course but she just needed a bit more self confidence. I did get slightly annoyed at her self-doubt and how she often compared herself to Gemma. She was insecure because her husband had left her but I think her lack of faith in herself sometimes made her seem younger than her age.
If you are a fan of the Bake Off, you will recognise a lot of similarities to the TV show right down to the handsome blue eyed presenter. Many of the familiar elements are there from the signature challenge, to a tricky technical and of course a showstopper finale. Reading the book was like going behind the scenes of the tv programme as we get to know the contestants and find out about their nerves, failures and successes first hand.
Nicola is delighted when she is accepted for The Northern Bake-Off competition. She soon works out that Gemma, a stunning young teacher, is her main baking rival.
Nicola is sure that the handsome TV presenter, David Chambers is flirting with her, but he also has his eye on Gemma.
He may be attracted to Gemma’s slim figure and immature giggle, but he can’t resist Nicola’s delicious bakes. Part of the main prize is an evening at The Savoy restaurant with David.
Can Nicola fight off her rival to win the competition and her dinner-date?