Monday’s Not Coming Book Review

9.4Gripping, Heart-wrenching, Explosive
Honestly the premise for this could hardly be more simple – Monday is missing… WHERE THE F**K IS MONDAY!? It makes the book such a page turner because Jackson masterfully drops in hints and clues here and there all while slowly letting the puzzle come together so the reader is sated the more and more they read.

Monday’s Not Coming is the most gripping thriller I’ve read in a while! Throughout the book we follow Claudia, a student whose best friend Monday goes missing. Desperate to find her, Claudia tries to piece together the mystery herself, but every new fact she uncovers, while leading her closer to Monday, may also make her face up to some truths of her own, and some truths she may not want to admit.
I don’t think I’ve ever read a book full of such innocence and horror, naivety and cruel reality. As our protagonist is a child and we see the world through her eyes, it made every new trauma even harder to read. Obviously this is a fiction, but I can see throughout how Jackson tried to weave moments of reality into the story, even in a way just to communicate to the reader that these are situations people in real life find themselves in, and we live in a world where unfortunately they do play out.

Jackson is honestly such a master of this genre, I will happily read anything else she writes! (Okay, maybe not the horror, I have to draw the line there!!) There was mystery, intrigue, shock, hope, love, heartache – I think I honestly felt just about every emotion reading this book! So if you’re looking for something you won’t be able to put down GET A COPY OF THIS!

I really don’t want to criticise this book, but I want to be honest for anyone reading this who is intrigued as I feel the structure of the plot may put people off and make them DNF it. The narrative is made up of a jumble of chapters named “The After”, “The Before”, or some time frame “Before the Before”. Having finished the book I can absolutely understand why she wanted the ambiguity of the timeline but I think it may do more harm than good for anyone who needs a more grounded narrative! So take it from me, if you’re struggling, just stick with it and I promise it’ll come together.

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