Take a Hint Dani Brown Book Review

Take a Hint Dani Brown is the second book in The Brown Sisters trilogy. This time we follow Dani who’s afraid of commitment and thinks that love is a waste of time. Enter Zafir, the security guard at her university and someone who couldn’t be more of a hopeless romantic if he tried. Both of them are carrying baggage, but both of them find the other intriguing, so when they wind up in a fake relationship, could it be worth exploring the real chemistry they so obviously have…?
“The thing about mental health was, you couldn’t take a course of antibiotics and be magically healed. Some people’s brains just thought too much or felt too much or hurt too much, and you had to stay on top of that.”

If you’ve already heard me speak about The Brown Sisters series then you will know how much I love it! I read Get a Life, Chloe Brown last year and I was blown away by its charismatic and loveable story and Hibbert’s incredible talent for writing witty and relatable books. And what’s great is that I think Dani Brown is even better! This one dove straight into the titillating build-up of Dani and Zafir’s relationship and really left nothing to the imagination. Hibbert’s books are wonderful for celebrating sex whether it’s inside a relationship, a one night stand, or on your own, there’s nothing shameful about the sex in them and that’s how all books should be doing it!

Dani and Zafir have palpable chemistry and while it’s clear to see where the book is headed, I loved how familiar and comfortable the storyline felt and once again, there’s no pointless third act miscommunication which is truly something I adore Hibbert for avoiding because frankly that’s a trope I never want to see in a romance book again!
Hibbert also once again does a fantastic job of addressing topics with decorum and sensitivity; Zafir’s anxiety is something openly spoken about in the book and not only that, because the characters address it in a productive way and help him find ways to cope, I can see how this book in the hands of someone experiencing similar struggles would be truly comforting.

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Title: Take A Hint, Dani Brown
Author: Talia Hibbert
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020
Pages: 361
TW: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Car Crash, Death of a Loved One

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