Twitter: @LitalistBooks
You can find out more about Litalist on their website and social media channels.
Litalist asked Twitter users for their favourite romantic novels on Valentine’s Day and have created a special shelf for those too. You can find out what was recommended here: Romantic Novels

Litalist, was created by the founder of the sadly missed The Book People, and it allows you to recommend and discover books based on how they make you feel. You can also buy titles directly from independent booksellers. Litalist users create and share online ‘shelves’ to showcase their favourite reads, using twenty four emotional reaction options to categorise how books made them feel in order to receive recommendations of other titles which might appeal.
Instagram: @litalistbooks 
The lovely people at Midas PR have set up a special discount code for me to share this with my followers on my blog and social media. It gives you a 20% discount on purchases made through Litalist (not including postage). There’s no minimum spend or restrictions and the code is valid until the end of Feb.
My 20% discount code: Portobellobookblog20
If you are on social media, hopefully by now you will have come across Litalist, which is a new books recommendation and retail website.
I’ve had fun making up some of my own shelves and intend to add more books as the year goes on and I read more. You can find my Recommended Reads shelf here: Recommended Reads Here’s a sneak peek!

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