The aforementioned book buying may account for a small amount of the books incoming (ahem). As for outgoing, I found my attention wandering so not as many were read as could have been. No matter, even reading a page, or the back of a cereal box is good. Any reading is good.
Well May has arrived already. The year that threatened to drag appears to have speeded up. I found myself back in my natural environment last month. That’s right, the first none food shop I found myself in was a bookshop. Books were bought, shelfies were taken. It was glorious. April also saw me chair my first ever event, a crime panel with Nina Allan, Rebecca Wait and William Shaw at the Stay at Home Festival. I had huge fun. After all, what’s not to enjoy about an hour of talking books with authors?

I also received four books that I won’t list here for reasons.

  1. In the Mirror, a Peacock Danced by Justine Bothwick, sent for review by Agora.
  2. One Ordinary Day at a Time by Sarah J Harris, sent for review by the author and Harper Collins.
  3. The Lock In by Phoebe Luckhurst, sent for review by Michael Joseph.
  4. The Lost Storyteller by Amanda Block, sent for review by Hodder & Stoughton.
  5. The Heeding by Rob Cowen and illustrated by Nick Hayes, sent for review by Elliot & Thompson.
  6. Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder by T. A. Willberg, sent for review by Trapeze.
  7. The Plague Letters by V. L. Valentine, sent for review by Viper.
  8. The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, also sent for review by Viper.
  9. Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain, sent for review by Virago.
  10. The Girl Who Read on the Metro by Christine Feret-Fluery, bought on bookshop day.
  11. The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed, sent for review by Viking.
  12. The Last Act of Adam Campbell by Andy Jones, sent for review by Hodder & Stoughton.
  13. Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin, sent for review by W&N.
  14. Toddler-Hunting and Other Stories by Taeko Kono, also sent for review by W&N.
  15. Conjure Woman by Afia Atakora, included in my Books That Matter subscription box.
  16. The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House by Audre Lorde, also included with the subscription box.
  17. The Liar’s Dictionary by Eley Williams. An online book purchase.
  18. The Other Bennet Sister by Janice Hadlow. See above.
  19. Due to a Death by Mary Kelly, sent for review by the British Library.
  20. The Harpy by Megan Hunter, sent for review by Picador.
  21. The Others by Raul Garrigasait, sent for review by Fum D’Estampa
  22. Tension by E M Delafield.
  23. Mamma by Diana Tutton, both this and Tension sent for review by the British Library.
  24. Skincare by Caroline Hirons, sent for review by HQ.
  25. Who They Was by Gabriel Krauze, sent for review by 4th Estate.
  26. We Are Not Like Them by Christine Pride & Jo Piazza, sent for review by HQ.
  27. The End of Men by Christina Sweeney-Baird, sent for review by Borough Press.
  28. Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny, sent for review by 4th Estate.
  29. Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny, another book purchase.
  30. girl, 11 by Amy Suiter Clark, sent for review by Pushkin.
  31. Katherine Parr: The Sixth Wife by Alison Weir, sent for review by Headline.
  32. The Chalet by Catherine Cooper, a signed copy sent by the author.
  33. Death and Croissants by Ian Moore, sent for review by Farrago.
  34. New Girl in Little Cove by Damhnait Monaghan, sent for review by the author.
  35. Our Father by Rebecca Wait, sent for review by Riverrun.
  36. Widowland by C.J. Carey, sent for review by Quercus.
  37. Sunlight on a Broken Column by Attia Hosain, sent for review by Virago.
  38. The Killings at Kingfisher Hall by Sophie Hannah, sent for review by Harper Collins.
  39. Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church by Tracy Rees, an ebook via Netgalley and Bookouture.

Here’s what landed through the letterbox:
What books did you enjoy last month? Have you spotted any on here that interest you? Do let me know. And until next month, happy reading.
So what arrived to help test just how much weight the floorboards in my house can withstand?

  1. Peril at End House by Agatha Christie.
  2. Yours Cheerfully by A. J. Pearce.
  3. The Heeding by Rob Cowen, illustrated by Nick Hayes.
  4. Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder by T A Willberg.
  5. Persuasion by Jane Austen.
  6. Lost Property by Helen Paris.
  7. Murder by Milk Bottle by Lynne Truss.

I also sent out one book. So that’s 43 in and 8 out. About as balanced as a jumbo jet and a mini cooper on a set of weighing scales.
As for what went out, here’s what I read:

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