The Secret Book Service from Reposed

Given the titles and words I’d given I think this fits squarely in there. It’s a book that had passed me by but sounds like just my kind of read.
You can find out more about the Secret Book Service and how to purchase here.
Reposed announced that they had a new product, just in time for the festive season so I thought I’d take a look.

These are one off prices so you aren’t signing up to a monthly subscription service (though reposed do offer those).
Now we have hit November it may be time to start thinking about the C word. Yes Christmas. Many a book lover will be hoping that something book shaped will be awaiting them under the tree. In the run up to the big day I will be creating a series of posts with book related present ideas, and one or two mentions of things I’ve not been able to resist purchasing myself.
The mini £10 – You will receive a brand new book plus a beauty product, a luxury snack and a hot drink – perhaps even some stationery too

Valued at £60, for each one purchased, Reposed will donate £5 to one of the charities.
Postage is extra at £3.00.

So what did I receive?
I think this is not only a great way of receiving a book and treats you may not usually buy for yourself, it helps raise money for three very deserving charities. They would also be unusual gifts to sit under the tree. In fact, I think I’ll order myself another one before they run out.
Keep a look out for Reposed’s book advent box, The Twelve Days of Reposed in an upcoming post!
There are three secret book services available.
All of the gifts are a surprise – but you can give clues about the kind of books you enjoy by simply add up to three words in the notes section when you order, or three titles of books you’ve really enjoyed.
The three words I’d given them as a clue were detective, comfort and literary. I also told them three books I’d recently enjoyed were Piranesi, A Ghost in the Throat and Halloween Party.
The Plus £30 – as well as the snack, hot drink (and possibly stationery), you’ll receive two books and three beauty products.
A surprise book or two, beauty products, sweet treats and possibly stationary. What’s not to like?
*I have not been paid for this post. I volunteered to help promote this to Reposed. I did receive a Secret Book Service to review.  I do not receive any money or recompense for any purchases made*
£20 – as well as a book,  a snack and hot drink (and possibly stationery), you’ll receive two beauty products.
The Secret Book Service is like it says on the tin. A gold shiny envelope containing a mystery book, beauty products, a snack and a hot drink on offer from as little as £10. The best bit. For each box purchased, Reposed will donate money to one of three charities, chosen by their members. The charities who will benefit are Age UK, Refuge and Shelter.
With the family riven by heartbreak, their maid takes the chance to resolve her own past mistakes. Having abandoned her son many years before, she now traces him to Myanmar, only to find him in prison – the enemy of a brutal regime. The faultline she followed over the Indian Ocean now cuts north into Nepal, where the prisoner’s ally, an itinerant drug dealer, tries to rescue a young woman from the dancing bars of Kathmandu. It shadows his footsteps into the Karakoram mountains, where a scientist looks deep into the abyss between India and Pakistan. It rises all the way to the snow deserts, beyond the reach of nation or war, where an elder of the village waits for the return of his true love, bringing all their journeys full circle.
I also received two beauty products; a Beauty Pro Hair Therapy conditioning hair mask and  a Vitamasques Gold Eye eye pads. Also included was a leather bookmark, some milk salted caramel chocolate, two French Earl Grey teabags and two Book Notes cards.
Latitudes of Longing by Shubhangi Swarup, published by Riverrun on 13 May 2021.
Reposed kindly offered to send me a Secret Book Service to try. They posted me out a £20 service yesterday and it arrived today!
Valued at £40, for each one purchased Reposed will donate £3 to one of the charities.
Valued at £20, for each one purchased Reposed will donate £1 to one of the charities.
In the feverish tropics of the Andaman Islands, a young botanist tends to a fragile rose he has imported to welcome his bride. Hoping their marriage will bloom in this strange life, hundreds of miles from the east coast of India, he is entranced by Chanda Devi’s fierce nature and unusual gifts; speaking to trees and the ghosts of former colonialists. These islands, she tells her adoring husband, rest on a faultline, cracked so deep into the earth that spirits cross the boundary freely. But it is not this fracture that takes a tragic bite out of their happiness.