When Kitty Featherstone-Quinn tired of writing “At Kitty’s Advice to the Lovelorn” she took the money she had saved and bought a resort hotel in Gold Gulch, a “ghost” mining town. Her arrival in the Gulch precipitated an outlay of ghostly manifestations and bell ringing. Convinced that there was a plot to run her out of the neighborhood, she appealed to Rocky Allan, the local sheriff. Rocky visited Kitty’s El Dorado Inn in time to meet the strange group of bohemian characters there assembled and in time to witness a fire which left in its ashes only two sets of false teeth to account for the missing Quinn brothers. Rocky also discovered the evidence of the mysterious midnight shave, the “white stone,” the lost china brooch, and the mystery of the tolling bells. Finally, in exasperation, he turned a bell to his own advantage and with the aid of some pink and yellow embroidered roses solved a baffling murder.
Day 1 – The Anger of the Bells by Virginia Rath.

So this review will be a little different. I will come back each day to add what I have found in my advent calendar. I will attempt to read each book before it’s time to open the next, though I may fall at the first hurdle. I know I will manage to eat the chocolate on the same day!
I paid around £55 for 12 vintage crime books, 5 book related items and 7 bars of chocolate. Each of the books and gifts came individually wrapped, the books in brown paper and the gifts in Christmas wrapping. Each of the 24 items comes with it’s own lovely tag, made from miniature vintage book covers, quotes or Cluedo cards. Kate, at Coffee and Crime, has written on which day each item is to be opened or eaten, spreading out the books, gifts and sweets.
*Please note I have not received any payment or incentive for reviewing either the advent calendar or the subscription box. I bought both items myself. I do not receive any payment or incentive for any purchases.*
If you were to get any books in an advent calendar what would you hope to find behind the window (or wrapping paper)? Do you have any books you’ve been saving up to read in December? Do let me know.
Advent calendars have come a long way from a pretty picture behind a door. There’s the chocolate ones, of course, and the pretty picture ones but now you can get anything from cheese to stationary, gin to beauty products (and some make your eyes sparkle just at the price!). What I really wanted was a book advent calendar. Luckily for me I found the Coffee and Crime Book Advent Calendar over on Etsy.

Delivery was very fast, arriving less than a week after ordering which is great. It also means I’ve been waiting over a month to start to open them. Hector wasn’t pleased when he found out he’d have to wait.

The advent calendars are sold out but you can still order Coffee and Crime subscription boxes or one off boxes here. (You can read my review of my Coffee and Crime box here.)

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