By the time you factor in the fact you have to pay over £100 for a Kindle, (I know there are cheaper options, but still not that cheap!) buying an ebook for £4.99 feels a bit steep, especially when you don’t have a lovely shelf of books to show for it! So even though I (very begrudgingly) have to fork out upwards of £30 for a brand new hardback… at least it’s pretty!

Comfort – eReader Physical X

Buying a book and having it instantly (especially during a pandemic) is a very nice feeling! So given what we’ve experienced in 2020 (and unfortunately 2021 too) this category has to go to the eReader! I loved seeing an eBook deal online, or on social media, and being able to jump onto my Kindle and buy it right away! Not only that, but you can download samples which is a great way of seeing if the book’s for you!

Browsing – eReader X Physical

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s a draw in this battle. Both eReaders and physical books have their disadvantages and advantages and I think that they both provide fantastic ways to read for their respective audiences. This year, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be transferring a lot of my tbr to my Kindle (which is great for the extra bookshelf space) but that in no way means I’m giving up paperbacks for good!

Price (actually, neither!)

I think it’s safe to say ALL bibliophiles like nothing more than browsing endless bookshelves in a cosy, quiet bookshop! So this is something I don’t think eBooks will ever replace. As much as the ‘search’ function on my Kindle is decent, it’s really hard to stumble on a good book in a way you might in a bookshop. It’s great if you have a specific book in mind, as you can just search for that, but I can’t tell you the number of books I’ve bought on a whim when I’ve picked them up off a shelf!
Overall if you’re looking to get an eReader I would say they are definitely worth it! But if you can’t justify the money then I don’t think you’re missing out on sticking with physical (or audio) books!
So in conclusion I don’t have a winner for this category, they both have pros and cons!

Visual – eReader X Physical

Something I was very much looking forward to about my kindle was reading in bed and BOY was I right to be excited. It’s so DAMN COMFY. I can hold it in one hand and it doesn’t get tired, sit in almost any position and still be able to read, plus the brightness function is excellent meaning that even if it’s pitch black, not only can I see the screen, but it doesn’t hurt my eyes like a tablet or phone screen would! Sorry physical books, (I’m looking at you hardbacks) but you made reading in bed so uncomfortable, I just have to give this one to my Kindle!

Convenience – eReader Physical X

I have always LOVED physical books opting only to read ebooks if I have no other choice. HOWEVER, being that we’re in a global pandemic and I can’t just pop to the bookshop, it occurred to me that I should probably get with the 21st century and get an eReader! I went for the Kindle paperwhite which I’ve had all of a week, but wanted to share with you my initial verdict (I’ll update this post if my opinion changes dramatically!)

In Conclusion… eReader: 2 Physical: 2

I’m sorry if you disagree, but eReaders are just not that pretty… even when they have colour covers, nothing beats shelves of battered old paperbacks if you ask me! I like the simplicity of the eReader, and it’s great that it’s waterproof so I don’t have to worry while reading in the bath, but overall, they just aren’t the eye candy that physical books are!
Yes, new physical books can be expensive, but actually there are so many ways to get cheap ones, you can easily be an avid reader and hardly spend anything! Obviously a great place to start is your local library – completely free and keeps one of the best institutions alive and kicking! Then there’s charity shops and online secondhand bookshops (sometimes bagging books for 50p or less!)

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