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An enthusiastic fan of imaginary Encyclopedias, Odradeks, and Gonzo from the Muppet show, she is still in love with her first pen she stole from her father’s desk when she was 5, the magnificent Indian Ink Rotring Pen 0.1.
Lauren Holowaty is an award-winning author who has worked in the children’s publishing industry for 18 years. She has written more than 200 books for children of all ages that have been published all over the world. She lives in London, England with her adventure-loving family. She can normally be found in her office (AKA The Shed), surrounded by snacks, plants and precariously-piled beautiful books.
365 Cool Ways to Remember Stuff is packed with tips, tricks, rhymes and mnemonics to help with memorizing everything, from grammar, spelling and punctuation to maths, science and history.
365 Cool Ways to Remember Stuff will show you how to memorize the key facts in almost every school subject. With the help of the book’s simple pointers, even the trickiest of facts will become memorable. The fun illustrations and engaging, educational text are sure to inspire and empower kids to confidently learn, remember and use new knowledge, both in and out of school.
365 Cool ways to Remember Stuff will be published by Buster Books on 9th June.
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: 365 Cool Ways to Remember Stuff
Martina lives in Rome, where she works as an illustrator and graphic designer.
After graduating in Theatre Direction and a master in Scriptwriting, Martina discovered that the best way to tell her stories was actually to draw them – especially those featuring space travels, invisible elephants and gigantic flying toasters.
There are all kinds of clever suggestions for ways to get tricky spellings correct. For example, library – living in books really aids reading years. There’s ways to remember geographical features. Want to remember the names of the Great Lakes? Just think about homes – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. Want to remember their order going east to west? Sam’s Mighty Horse Eats Oats is the phrase you need. I’ve recently been to Lake Huron so was quite taken with this one.
You’ll find lots of useful ways to remember things in the natural world. Can’t ever remember if an African elephant is bigger than an Indian one or vice versa. You’ll always remember after reading this book. Or how about a useful phrase to help you recall the order of Roman numerals or Roman Emperors? You’ll find both in the book. There are even some useful tips to help with maths and science, something many people find a little tricky. I particularly liked the song to help remember the properties of an isoceles triangle to the tune of O Christmas Tree – ‘isosceles, isosceles’ – sing along now!
About the book
As someone who seems to struggle to remember many things these days, I was very interested to read this book. My family are well used to me saying left when I mean right, fridge when I mean oven and hot when I mean cold. One thing I’m very good at is opposites!
There are many other subjects covered such as history, art, music and punctuation and all in such a fun and accessible way. 365 Cool Ways to Remember Stuff is really aimed at children but I found it a really great book to flick through. I certainly found a good few tips to help me remember things I often find hard to bring to mind. It’s a really interesting book either to read through or dip into and I’m sure it will help children (and adults!) remember things a lot more easily.
About the Author and Illustrator
Can you remember how many days there are in each month? Or the names of the planets in the solar system? How about the difference between a noun and a verb?

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