I’ll be reviewing all of the books I manage to read and I’ll be using the 20 books of Summer logo picture on each one. I’ll also link back to my reviews on here so I can keep track of how many I have read.
So here’s what I’ve selected.
Have you read any of the books I’ve selected? Will you be taking part in #20BooksofSummer2021? Do let me know.
You can read about the challenge on Cathy’s excellent blog here.

I think I’m doomed to failure before I start but I need to make a dent in the TBR and this challenge gives me the push I need.  This year I’ve done things a bit differently. I’ve selected a pile of books I want to read and I’m going to read 20 from them. Well that’s the aim.  I may swap some of these out if I change my mind or find I can’t read them. I may even swap a lengthy book for a shorter one if I’m running out of time. Some are books I’ve agreed to review or are future releases, others simply because they caught my eye when I was scanning the TBR. I’m very much a mood reader though so I may also swop any of the ones I have listed as I find I have to read according to my mood, or the desire to read tends to disappear.

  1. Invisible Agents by Nadine Ackerman
  2. The Therapist by Helene Flood.
  3. The Holdout by Graham Moore.
  4. Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop by Ali McNamara.
  5. Green Sun by Kent Anderson.
  6. The Favour by Laura Vaughan.
  7. Silence is a Sense by Layla AlAmmar.
  8. The Plague Letters by V.L. Valentine.
  9. The Black Dress by Deborah Moggach.
  10. The Lost Storyteller by Amanda Block.
  11. Between Two Evils by Eva Dolan.
  12. Widow Land by C.J. Carey.
  13. One Ordinary Day at a Time by Sarah J Harris.
  14. How to Live. What to Do by Josh Cohen.
  15. The Stranding by Kate Sawyer.
  16. The Gospel of the Eels by Patrik Svensson.
  17. girl, 11 by Amy Suiter Clarke.
  18. The Wonderous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivana by Maryse Conde.
  19. Death and Croissants by Ian Moore.
  20. The Good Neighbours by Nina Allan.
  21. A Road to Extinction by Jonathan Lawley.
  22. Miss Ranskill Comes Home by Barbara Euphan Todd.
  23. Miss Buncle Married by D.E. Stevenson.
  24. Good Evening, Mrs Craven by Mollie Panter-Downes.
  25. Fifty Sounds by Polly Barton.
  26. Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny.
  27. The Mis-Education of Evie Epworth by Matson Taylor.
  28. Three Women and a Boat by Anne Youngson.
  29. Late Summer in the Vineyard by Jo Thomas.
  30. Hermit by
  31. Domestic Bliss and Other Disasters by Jane Ions.
  32. People of Abandoned Character by Clare Whitfield.
  33. The Lock In by Phoebe Luckhurst.
  34. Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin.
  35. The Other Bennet Sisterby Janice Hadlow.
  36. Death Goes on Skis by Nancy Spain.
  37. The Others by Raul Garrigasait.
  38. The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer.
  39. The Darker Arts by Oscar de Muriel.
  40. The Rosary Garden by Nicola White.
  41. Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers.
  42. The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed.
  43. Arabella by Georgette Heyer.
  44. The Blank Wall by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding.
  45. Greenery Street by Denis Mackail.
  46. The Corpse in the Waxworks by John Dickson Carr.
  47. The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie.
  48. Crooked House by Agatha Christie.
  49. Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.
  50. The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie.

So it’s that time of year again.  Devised by Cathy at 746Books the aim is to read 20 books between 1 June and 1 September. I  have taken part for the last four years. I think I’ve only made it once!
So 50 to narrow down to 20. It’s a good job I stopped browsing the shelves when I did. I wonder how many of these I will read? I wonder how many other books instead of one of these I will read instead? We shall find out…

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