I really enjoyed following Mara’s story and was amused by her unshakeable belief in her horoscope. I used to read mine too (I’m a Pisces) but considered it more a bit of fun, happy to believe it if it was something I liked. Despite her belief in fate, she wasn’t averse to giving fate a bit of a helping hand – more like a shove in what she thought was the right direction!
About the AuthorLizzy Dent (mis)spent her early twenties working in a hotel not unlike the one in her first novel, The Summer Job. Soon to be a TV series! She somehow ended up in a glamorous job travelling the world creating content for various TV companies, including MTV, Channel 4, Cartoon Network, the BBC and ITV. She writes about women who don’t always know where they’re going in life, but who always have fun doing it. The Setup is her second novel. I liked the focus on community in the book with many people coming together to try to save the town’s lido. The shift in friendship between Mara and Charlie, as Charlie began a family was interesting to read about and something I think many people will identify with.My thanks to Ellie at Viking Books for sending a review copy and inviting me
to take part in the book tour. The Setup is available now in hardback and ebook.

The Setup is an enjoyable rom-com which will certainly have you wondering which path Mara will follow and just whether she will – or should – open that door!
My Thoughts
Convinced she has met the man of her dreams, she contrives a way for ‘fate; to bring them together again and begins Operation Mara, to fix the many things she feel are wrong with her life. In the process, she really improves things not just for herself but for others around her.
Mara Williams reads her horoscope every day – but she wasn’t expecting to be in a whole other country when destiny finally found her. Just as a fortune teller reveals that her true love is about to arrive, a gorgeous stranger literally walks into her life. And now Mara is determined to bring them together again . . . Surely even fate needs a nudge in the right direction sometimes?
About the Book
But while Mara is getting ready for ‘the one’, the universe intervenes. Her new flatmate Ash is funny, and kind, and sexy as hell . . . There was no predicting this: it’s as if her destiny just arrived on her doorstep.
So will Mara put her destiny in fate’s hands – or finally trust herself to reach for the stars?

There are two men in my life. But this is not a love triangle.

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