Isabelle Broom was born in Cambridge nine days before the 1980s began and studied Media Arts in London before a 12-year stint at heat magazine. Always happiest when she off on an adventure, Isabelle now travels all over the world seeking out settings for her escapist fiction novels, as well as making the annual pilgrimage to her second home – the Greek island of Zakynthos. Currently based in Suffolk, where she shares a cottage with her dog Max and approximately 467 spiders, Isabelle fits her writing around a busy freelance career and tries her best not to be crushed to oblivion under her ever-growing pile of to-be-read books.
Kate feels such a failure at the beginning of this book. This add to the intrigue as you read. Why does she feel that she can never do anything right? What is the secret that Kate told James that she hopes he’ll never reveal? What made James change his mind about their seemingly perfect relationship?
Alex is different to any man Kate has ever known, yet the connection between them is undeniable. She soon begins to open up in ways she never has before – not even to herself. But Kate is not the only person in Hvar hiding secrets. And, as she is about to discover, it is always only a matter of time before the truth catches up with you . . .
Until she meets another lonely soul.
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Kate goes there to disappear.
No wonder Kate wants to get away. She’s lost yet another job and been public humiliated at her 30th birthday party where a surprise proposal doesn’t quite go to plan. To make matters worse, a video of the event goes viral, and she ends up with no boyfriend, no job and no home. I’d want to get away too!
Most people travel to Croatia for its endless sunshine, pebbly beaches and crystal clear sea.
Is this my new favourite Isabelle Broom novel? It could well be. I highly recommend that with exotic getaways looking unlikely again this summer for most of us, you treat yourself to a copy of The Getaway. It’s gorgeously romantic, beautifully written, full of passion and intrigue and the perfect escapist read for summer.
Huge thanks to the author for sending me a proof copy of the book to read. The Getaway is published by Hodder & Stoughton and is available now in all formats. You should be able to get a copy from your usual book retailer or you will find buying options for various retailers on the Hodder website here: The Getaway
Isabelle Broom effortlessly transports the reader to beautiful Croatia. I’ve never been. I now want to go. If that gorgeous cover wasn’t enough to tempt me, Isabelle Broome’s wonderfully evocative writing certainly does! Kate’s brother Toby and his husband Filippo live in Hvar and she helps them get their hostel ready for opening, discovering a flair for interior design as she does.
She needs to escape from a life that has fallen apart in spectacular and public fashion, and no one on the beautiful island of Hvar knows who she is or what she’s running away from.
Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the person you need . . .
After the humiliation of the #wannabewife video and seeing how hurt and small Kate felt, it was lovely to read about her learning to love herself and find her passion in life. That passion didn’t just involve design but also a certain tradesman called Alex. He was also a bit of a man of mystery, living off radar on his boat in Croatia. I’m not going to tell you much about Alex as that would spoil the story but I will say I think I was a little bit in love with him myself!

Isabelle Broom

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