On the cusp of fifty Harriett’s marriage and career imploded, and she hasn’t left her house in months. But her life is far from over – in fact, she’s undergone a stunning metamorphosis.
So it’s up to these three women to avenge the innocent, and punish the guilty…
They call it The Change, that stage where our bodies alter. It’s not that we develop super powers. They were always there, it’s just now time for them to shine.
I was drawn in immediately, from the opening page. From the small pettiness of the first male character to Harriet’s response, I was soon caught up in the story. I loved every moment of it.
A compelling, absorbing novel about corruption, cruelty and fighting back.
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The Change is a murder mystery with magical realism elements. It is also a commentary on the way that men, both now and throughout history, have suppressed females through power, corruption and violence. It entertains but it also makes the reader angry as it should. Laid out simply on a page, the centuries of injustices show just how ingrained into society is the inequality.
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Highly recommended.
Nessa: The Seeker
Jo: The Protector
Harriett: The Punisher
Jo spent thirty years at war with her body. The rage that arrived with menopause felt like the last straw – until she discovers she’s able to channel it.
The three women soon learn that their paths were meant to cross, and that their purpose is to seek out the killer who has been abusing and murdering young girls. As they investigate they don’t just unearth horrors close to home but alert the women and girls of their town to the realisation that things don’t have to continue and that they too have the power to control their own lives.
This is a story about discovering the powers within us, one’s that may have been suppressed by ourselves or by society.
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Jo finds her power as she starts menopause. It’s not just hot flushes that makes her body burn. The anger from the sexual discrimination she’s experienced and witnessed seems to have been stored inside her and now wants to break free. It comes as a power, like fire that emerges from her hands and gives her a strength she hasn’t known before. Harriet metamorphic change comes when her husband has an affair and leaves her. She becomes aware of her ability to nurture plants, to seemingly communicate with the earth. She knows the cures plants can bring, and the curses they can bestow. She embraces her new found calling and new found title of witch.
With newfound powers the time has come to take matters into their own hands…
Nessa finds herself in an empty nest. Her husband died several years ago and now her twin daughters have left for university. Now that she is alone, the voices of the dead, which had been silenced for many years, are now clamouring to be heard. She instinctively knows to seek out Jo and Harriet. With them, she discovers the body of a young girl. The police are keen to write her death off as an accident but the three women know that more bodies are waiting to be discovered and that it’s down to them to find the killer.
Guided by voices only Nessa can hear, the trio discover the abandoned body of a teenage girl. The police have written off the victim. But the women have not. Their own investigations lead them to more bodies and a world of wealth where the rules don’t apply – and the realisation that laws are designed to protect villains, not the vulnerable.
After Nessa is widowed and her daughters leave for college, she’s left alone in her house near the ocean. In the quiet hours, she hears voices belonging to the dead – who will only speak to her.

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