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From big city high-flyer to little village vet …

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I reviewed Jo Boden’s lovely second chance romance A Vacancy for a Village Vet a couple of weeks back and she’s joining me today to share #TenThings she’d like her readers to know about her. You can read my review here: A Vacancy for a Village Vet
Now, fifteen years later, the prodigal grandson has returned to temporarily take over the village practice with a veterinary qualification and his dog, Sammy, in tow. Daniel is ready for rabbits with tummy aches, guinea pigs who’ve lost their squeak, plenty of cow complaints and a whole lot of memories – both good and bad. But is he ready to see Hannah again?
If I was stranded on a desert island then I would have to take with me The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and the MacKade Brothers quartet by Nora Roberts. (My favourite is the Devin brother book).
Hannah and Daniel were teenage sweethearts, but then Daniel left their sleepy village of Middlefern and his grandfather’s veterinary practice behind for the bright lights of London.
8 I can’t ride a bike
3 I don’t have a writing shed
10 My all time favourite tv show is Gilmore Girls I love this show so much as it just gives me the happy feels. Who doesn’t love Luke Danes?
I have no sense of balance. I can’t even walk in a straight line.
I worked for many years as a renal nurse. This included working on a haemodialysis unit, a peritoneal dialysis unit and on the ward nursing patients who were admitted for both emergency and routine care. I loved it.
7 I watch book shopping videos on YouTube
5 Reader,  I married my first boyfriend
I actually do think that my blood is 99 percent coffee. I drink mainly filter coffee and Americano.
1 Favourite books
I met my now husband at school when we were both fifteen. We’ve been together ever since. This year is our 24th wedding anniversary.
I don’t have a writing shed or a writing room. I tend to write at the kitchen island or at the dining table. I’ll sometimes sit on the sofa with a blanket on my knee and type away.
2 Where I live
9 I am addicted to country music.
6 I am a coffee addict
This all started during lockdown. I missed browsing in bookshops and libraries and so, like many people, I turned to the internet. The problem is I can’t stop watching them. I particularly like the vlogs of Barnes and Noble in the US and when people go shopping at Powell’s in Portland, Oregon.
I have lived in Lancashire for the past fifteen years, but I am originally from the Wirral.
All I can say is that Dolly Parton is to blame for both her music and writing Run Rose Run. I read this back in March and now I can’t stop listening to Tim McGraw, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Randall King or Thomas Rhett. The list goes on…
Of course, a high-flying city vet like Daniel was never planning to stay in Middlefern for good – especially given his history with the place. But could another, even more important, vacancy convince him to change his mind?
About the Book
4 I am a former nurse

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