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  1. I may, or may not, be working on a new book featuring more badger cakes, a human fairy, and a wishing well.
  2. I usually have at least three or four projects on the go. This is mostly because I’m at my best when I’m given time to let things ‘percolate’ in my mind. So I might jot down a few ideas, maybe a character outline or a couple of scenes or snatches of dialogue – but then I prefer to leave it bubbling away in my subconscious for a few weeks or months before starting the real writing.
  3. I’m still gob-smacked by some of the feedback I’ve received for my debut novel Beyond Grey. I thought (or hoped!) when I was writing and editing it, that there might be something a bit special about it, but when reviews said things like ‘it was a genuinely heartfelt and life affirming read’ and ‘this book has sunk into my soul far deeper than many others of similar themes that probably had far more publicity, were written by more well-known names’ I was absolutely blown away.
  4. I’m really creative: I love to crochet (though I prefer simple, repetitive patterns that I don’t need to pay too much attention to). With help from my husband and Dad, I’m upcycled a bureau for our living room, an old couch for the conservatory, and a set of rainbow ‘bits n bobs’ drawers for the landing.
  5. I’ve been described as stubborn – but for me, it’s a survival mechanism. You see, I was diagnosed with bipolar (or manic depression by another name) when I was 17. If I hadn’t learned how to ‘be stubborn’, it would have been very easy to have given in many, many times of the years.
  6. Even though I didn’t consciously set out to do it, I do write about mental ill-health in some of my novels… but I believe in happy endings, both for my characters and for real life – so always try to ‘write’ those.
  7. Related to the above points – I’m a big supporter of mental wellbeing, and even managed to turn it into a big part of my day job.
  8. And speaking of the day job, I consider myself incredibly lucky as I work in a field where I get to write and – in a small way – make the world a bit better of a place: I’m a bid writer, working for an organisation who support children, young people and families facing challenging times – so I help develop and get funding for services that can literally change lives for the better. Our frontline staff do the really hard work every day – but it’s a privilege to play even a small part in it!
  9. I love to bake, and often sneakily switch recipes around to make them more healthy (like my beetroot chocolate loaf, and sweet potato blondies). They sound weird, but when you think about it – carrot cake can be really tasty.
  10. And finally… I’m not very good about talking – or writing – about myself. To the point that pieces like this often take me as long as full chapters do to complete!

Summer by name and summer by nature – that’s how people describe Evelyn’s happy, outgoing daughter. Even if her favourite time of year is actually Christmas!
When she’s not living in a fantasy world of her own creation, she writes bids and develops programmes for children’s services, and lives in rural Warwickshire (where there are probably more fairies). She shares her house with two small parrots, one of whom likes to critique her writing from his favourite spot on her shoulder, and her husband who is ever loving and understanding and makes her gallons of tea in magical cups that can keep drinks warm for whole chapters. Ella writes for both Choc Lit & Ruby Fiction.
More about Ella
She grew up in the outskirts of London, where fairies lived at the bottom of her Grandma’s garden, so it isn’t surprising that she still looks for magic in every day life – and often finds it.
I’m joined by author Ella Cook today who is sharing #TenThings she’d like her readers to know about her. Her latest novel, Summer’s Christmas, is published by ChocLit and available now as an ebook. You can find buying links for various ebook retailers on the ChocLit website here. I’ll include details about the book later in this post. First of all, over to Ella.
GoodReads book page: Summer’s Christmas
But Summer has gone through more than any eight-year-old ever should, and that’s part of the reason Evelyn is leaving everything behind to return to her childhood home in the village of Broclington; just her, Summer and Summer’s best friend – a Shiba Inu dog called Tilly. Unsurprisingly, Evelyn is hesitant to let anyone else in, although local vet Jake Macpearson seems intent on winning her trust.
Ten Things About Ella (me!)
Ella is one of those people who is addicted to the written word. She’s been obsessed with books since before she could walk. She decided to become a writer as soon as she realised that stringing letters together in the right order could actually be a career.
About Summer’s Christmas
Bringing the spirit of Christmas to a summer’s day …
When Evelyn receives the news that every mother dreads, it’s Jake who comes to the rescue. With the help of the Broclington community, could he be the man to bring festive magic to August, and make all of Evelyn and Summer’s Christmases come at once?
GoodReads Author page: Ella Cook

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