Russian Brides by Hugh McNab. Book review.Thank you to author Hugh Macnab for my copy of this book. I am very honoured to say that my quotes from this review have been used as part of the authors Amazon blurb.

“The twists keep coming. I was gripped right through to the thrilling end.” Amanda@Chocolate_Pages
Perfect for fans of Lindsay Boxer, Atlee Pine and René Ballard. Sammy, a female detective works hard at her job. She is investigating a murder which gets more mysterious the further she investigates. I liked that the book was written completely from Sammy’s point of view as I got to experience the case and her thoughts as they came up. Sometimes when books write both from criminal and detectives point of view, there is less detective work for me to do. And I do like to try to guess what’s happened myself. Saying that I didn’t work anything out before Sammy did. We also hear about Sammy’s colleague Dan who is working on a difficult case. I didn’t feel that I knew Dan very well as the book focused on Sammy and her case and the two didn’t socialise together. There are quite a few other characters which piqued my interest in this book and knowing there will be more books in this series I hope to hear more from them.

I look forward to the next book in the series.

In the end, she will face a race against time to prevent another child’s death. But will she be in time? And will she survive the consequences?

My Thoughts
Written from Detective Sammy Greyfriers’ point of view, I felt like Sammy was talking to me and telling me her story. This was especially so for me as I listened to it by audio book.
This is not a spoiler as it mentions in the book blurb that Sammy finds out she is pregnant. One of my issues with Sammy is her flippant attitude towards her pregnancy who she refers to as Bossy Boots. At one point she is coming home after a hard day’s work and grabbing a beer, and almost every day she is reaching for strong coffee. This is the first book in the Detective Sammy series and who knows, maybe she will grow on me. The plot of Russian Brides was very clever and took turns which kept me gripped right the way through the book. I think it takes a clever author to plot out a book where the crimes and twists keep coming through the book but everything makes total sense by the end.
Often when I read a book and get to know a new detective, if the book is good, then generally I will take a liking to the detective. This was different, I didn’t take to Sammy. This is my personal point of view and other readers may well love her tough exterior and blunt way with the people she questions, but I didn’t.
An internet service connects wealthy Floridian retirees to beautiful Russian women. Everyone seems happy – until the retirees start dying,
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I have been fortunate to be able to read the second book in this series already. My review for the second book will be featured here next week. I am in the midst of reading book 3 in the series now, I’d like to thank again Author Hugh Macnab for my advanced copies of his books.  

Detective Sammy Greyfox from the Sheriff’s office in Naples, Florida, becomes involved in both investigations as she unravels a deadly tangled web of chilling evil which will haunt her forever.
The end was my favourite part of this book and probably the part I read the fastest because it was so gripping. No more clues here as I don’t give spoilers, all I will say is that it made me want to read book 2 already! For a newly published author Hugh McNab writes smoothly and cleverly with plots that pack a punch and characters that get you feeling.
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In her confused personal life she has to fight her own menacing Demons. Demons which may want her to take a life.
Russian Brides is a book that packs in a lot of plot, character and grit between it’s pages.

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