New blogsistential questions

A slump is a slowdown in an activity. I always imagined a blogging slump to be that cosy, lazy process when you simply don’t want to focus on your blog and choose to focus on something else. Turns out, it’s not always true. I simply had to do other things, but I was really missing my blog and the community. So hi guys, how are you?
I think it was one of the main obstacles that kept me away for longer. I felt as if I’d been neglecting a hungry monster and it could now eat me up when I’d finally turn up at the doors. Luckily, it was a mistake. No monsters behind the doors, just dear old blog and lots of familiar people in the comments and Twitter replies. 😍

What’s a blogging slump?

Hope to hear back from you! Wishing you inspiration and enough time to do what you love doing!
Of course, I’m over the moon about it, and it also encouraged me to come back here sooner.

The other end of the tunnel

Here is how it was for me

I dreaded returning to a project that remained untouched for so long

If you want to chat more, here’s my first post with blogsitential questions.

Replying to comments and messages

Something super exciting happened while I was away

I’ve been featured in an article called The 19 Best Book Blogs to Read in 2019 by Scribendi!!!
I’ll try to schedule several posts ahead so that if the trouble does happen again I will be able to still stay connected with everybody while not having to spend time on writing new posts.

My genius plan on how to avoid such long breaks in the future

Now when I’m back I thought I’d turn this experience into a positive one summing up those things I noticed while trying to return. I’ll also ask you some questions and if you want to reply to any of them, please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. My hope is that both the post and the comments will be helpful to other people who are going through similar situations.

Questions to you

  • What’s your experience with blog slumps or any other long breaks in your projects?
  • Do you dread returning to a project after you have stayed away for some time?
  • What is the thing you try to address first once you do return?
  • Has anything exciting ever happened to the project while you were away? Did it help you return?
  • Do you think there’s a way to avoid slumps?

As some of you might have noticed there was a 17-day break between the two recent posts. That’s the longest since the beginning of the blog. So, I think I’ve officially been to and returned from my first blogging slump.
This has been my main priority because it’s the people I’m here for. They did help me get back on track.