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If you have a look at the Candlestick Press website you will see there are pamphlets on almost every subject you can think of and I’m sure you would something suitable for a friend or a relative. For example you will find poetry on the subject of home, happiness, love, bees, knitting, tea, sheds and cricket. You will find poetry from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Russia. You will find poems for brothers, husbands and wives, grandparents and aunts. And you will find poetry for all the seasons. You will see I have included some photos above from the Autumn pamphlet.
One thing I particularly like is that you can also find out more about each of the poets on the Candlestick Press website.

My thanks to Kathy at Candlestick Press for sending me a selection of pamphlets for review.
When I heard about ‘Instead of a Card’ poetry and prose pamphlets from Candlestick Press, I thought they were a brilliant idea. Now that I have been sent a few to have a look at, I can tell you that they are indeed a brilliant idea!
At the moment, you will find plenty of pamphlets which will be suitable for Christmas gifts including one pictured above about Christmas Movies. I was pleased to see that there are poems inspired by some of my favourite Christmas films such as It’s A Wonderful Life (my all time favourite), Love Actually and The Snowman. Not all the films are specifically festive but often just watched at Christmas time.
The idea behind these pamphlets is that for not much more than the price of a card, you can give someone something a bit more lasting. Each pamphlet comes with a high quality bookmark you can write your greeting on, an envelope and a special ‘Instead of a card’ sticker to seal the envelope. Most of the pamphlets have ten poems in them, sometimes older well known poems and sometimes less familiar, contemporary poetry. Some of the pamphlets, such as The Wood in Winter or The All Night Bookshop are stories rather than poetry.
Most of the pamphlets cost £4.95 each (plus P&P if ordered online) and are printed on high quality, environmentally friendly paper. You could easily spend that amount on a card which would likely be thrown away after the occasion. With these, you can choose something very personal for the recipient which will hopefully be treasured. I’m certainly eyeing a few of these up for my own friends and family. You can buy these directly from the Candlestick Press website (here), from Waterstones and from many independent bookshops and giftshops too.

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