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You are invited underneath the great greenwood tree to hear how a young man became a hero, and a hero became a legend. When Robin takes a shortcut through Sherwood Forest, the path he chooses leads not to Nottingham’s archery contest, but to a life on the run from the law. Unable now to become a knight, and joined by his childhood friends, Robin Hood leads the most infamous outlaw band ever to evade the king and his sheriff.
Earlier this year I was joined by author AE Chandler as she took her turn in my Author Spotlight. You can read that feature here. She was in touch again recently to say she is running a giveaway and asked if I’d share some information about it with my bog readers. The prize is a signed copy of The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood, a Robin Hood tote bag, a signed bookmark, and bonus sheets with book club questions and medieval outlaw bios. This giveaway runs from today until 5th October and the winner will be picked the next day. If you are interested in entering, please click on the link below for further information. Good luck!
About the book
This expanded second edition contains additional bonus material, including a translation of one of only five surviving medieval Robin Hood “ballads.”
Blending true history with new stories, popular inaccuracies, and some almost forgotten medieval legends, The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood brings a new life to the greenwood, which here feels as fresh as it does traditional. With an academic background in medieval English studies, A. E. Chandler captivates with this unique and nuanced reinterpretation of Robin Hood’s struggles and adventures. The forest is waiting.

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