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Jenny Tanner opens the box she has cherished for decades. Contained within are her most precious mementoes, amongst them a pebble, a carving and a newspaper cutting she can hardly bear to read. But Jenny knows the time is finally here. After the war, in a mountainside village in Italy, she left behind a piece of her heart. However painful, she must return to Cinque Alberi. And lay the past to rest.

About the Author
Well, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to read that! If you are similarly intrigued, you can pre-order the book already. I’ll pop some ordering links below.

Kathryn Hughes was born in Altrincham, near Manchester. After completing a secretarial course, Kathryn met her husband and they married in Canada. For twenty-nine years they ran a business together, raised two children and travelled when they could to places such as India, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand. Kathryn and her family now make their home in a village near Manchester.
I’m delighted to be helping to reveal the cover for a book by an author whose novels I enjoy very much. The Memory Box by Kathryn Hughes will be published by Headline Review in ebook format on 5th August with the paperback version following in November. Without further ado, here is the gorgeous cover!
Some love stories can’t be forgotten…
After a troubled upbringing, Candice Barnes dreams of a future with the love of her life – but is he the man she believes him to be? When Candice is given the opportunity to travel to Italy with Jenny, she is unaware the trip will open her eyes to the truth she’s been too afraid to face. Could a place of goodbyes help her make a brave new beginning?
Now, you’ll want to know what the book is about


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