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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thought-provoking romance between two people who really didn’t think they wanted or were ready for love. Baby Steps is very well written and gives a real insight into the lives of Sophie and Steven as they find love and healing together. It’s an excellent contemporary romance.
She’s a compulsive crossworder, yoga practitioner, avid reader, keen walker and enthusiastic gardener. She can be a bit of a subversive old bat, but she tries to maintain a kind heart. She also loves tea, penguins and being with her grandchildren.
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Sophie and Steven were blessed with wise and patient friends and they certainly needed their support and advice. Sophie in particular could be rather hot headed at times. Her anger and grief at a significant loss in her life sometimes caused her to be rather irrational. The author really gets to the nitty gritty of why her characters behave they way they do and while you might not always agree with their actions, you can at least understand them.
Anne Stormont writes so well about the complexities of relationships particularly when there has been trauma in the past. Both Steven and Sophie have mental scars to cope with as well as, in Steven’s case, physical injuries to come to terms with. The author writes about the challenges facing her characters very sensitively.
Honourably discharged from the British army following life-changing injuries sustained while serving in Afghanistan, Steven Jackson is rehabilitated and embracing life to the full. Working as the manager of a support centre for military veterans brings him a great sense of pride and achievement. But he wants more. He wants to meet the love of his life, and to one day be a husband and father.
Anne’s books are contemporary romances and they are all set mainly in Scotland. She has also written a children’s novel called The Silver Locket using the penname Anne McAlpine
About the Book
Estranged from her mother, cheated on by her ex and grieving the loss of her brother, emotionally distraught Sophie Campbell decides she needs to focus on her career as a researcher for a TV and radio broadcaster. What she doesn’t need is a man in her life. And as for marriage and children – definitely not.
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Anne Stormont was born in Scotland and although she has travelled all over the world – including a teaching exchange to South Africa, four trips to Australia and several visits to the Middle East – Scotland is where she still lives.
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When Sophie and Steven meet through work, there’s an undeniable chemistry between the two thirty-somethings. But will Steven’s open, caring and patient ways be enough to break down Sophie’s barriers and allow a relationship to develop between them?
She began making up stories as a child in order to entertain her four wee sisters. But as an adult, being busy with motherhood and working as a teacher, it took a long time and a mortality wake-up call for her to get that first book written.
As with many of Anne Stormont’s books, Baby Steps is a clever title which works on so many levels. As I mentioned above, Sophie, along with Steven, does feature in the Skye series but here we get to find out their story in more depth. You could see it as something of a companion piece. I enjoyed seeing things from their perspective which I’d read about in the other books
Baby Steps is a spin-off novel from Anne Stormont’s Skye series, a series I have very much enjoyed. It features Sophie who is the daughter of Rachel, one of the main characters from the Skye series. This book an easily be read as a standalone novel though. Anne wrote a guest piece for the blog recently about how this book took her by surprise. You can read that here.
Set in the Scottish city of Glasgow, Baby Steps is a contemporary romance which tells a story of love against the odds.

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