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The Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist 2019

It is here! The longest of sixteen books which I mentioned last month (when I mentioned blowing off the cobwebs on this blog, cough – more on that below) have been whittled down to six

Mother’s Milk, Patrick Melrose #4 by Edward St. Aubyn

Even though it seemed pretty impossible, the story did progress to some resolutions which was really satisfying. He definitely had a Tamazepam problem, namely, that it wasn’t strong enough. What’s the book about? That was

Am I imagining things or these patterns do happen in modern female-authored literature?

Obviously, I’m talking about my personal observations. I’ve read some books that do not orbit around those mentioned topics but include some other themes too. If you also know such books, please, let me know

New blogsistential questions

A slump is a slowdown in an activity. I always imagined a blogging slump to be that cosy, lazy process when you simply don’t want to focus on your blog and choose to focus on

House of Glass by Susan Fletcher

There are many storylines and they are all connected on some level. I know it’s a sensitive topic so I’ll try to tread it carefully. I understand the necessity of acknowledging the problems, both historical

The Women’s Prize Longlist 2019

I had only guessed six of the longlist, which isn’t my best ever BUT that is never a bad thing, one of the things I always love about a longlist is having books I own


The Salt of the Earth by Jozef Wittlin

As for the translation of the book, I’m not an expert but I think the name that sounds like “Semyon” or “Semion” would look much better written exactly this way, rather than simply transliterated as

Savidge Reads at the Man Booker Prize 2018

So I have been an absolute tinker and let the second half of the year whizz by and get much busier than I meant to. I didn’t even post about doing Cheltenham Literature Festival last

Eleven Years of Savidge Reads…

Eleven years ago today that I first pressed publish on a blog post here on Savidge Reads and look what has gone and happened since… So a huge, huge, HUGE thanks to all of you

The Parentations – Kate Mayfield

They aren’t even sure he’s still alive. They’d tossed around ideas about him so often and for so many years that they’d created a shared fantasy about the kind of man he might have become.