The Man Who Died Twice Book Review

The Man Who Died Twice is the second book in The Thursday Murder Club series. I really enjoyed the first instalment because it was the perfect mix of clever plot and cosy mystery! In this, we once again join the 4 protagonists of the first: Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron. This time, they are little better versed in the art of murder-solving and just in time as someone from Elizabeth’s past comes knocking and once again they are on the hunt for a killer and also millions of dollars of diamonds.
“You are simply a little lost, Donna. And if one is never lost in life, then clearly one has never traveled anywhere interesting.” 

Osman does seem to have developed the characters more in this and in particular I enjoyed Ibrahim’s scenes who (for reasons I won’t disclose because spoilers!) has a few quiet moments with other characters which were really quite beautiful and emotional. This made the book feel more layered and I feel with each in this series, Osman’s plots and characters will improve exponentially.
8.6Intriguing, Gripping, Exciting
I can understand why a lot of people prefer this to The Thursday Murder Club – debuts often fall prey to feeling incomplete, however I don’t like to pit them against each other, but rather see them as a one whole series. As with the first, I do think Osman could do a better job at injecting some diversity in the series however I’ll end by saying that I am very glad there are 3 more of these, because so far I can’t get enough!
I’ll start by saying that if you’ve read the first, then I would absolutely say continue! I’m always one for promoting lesser known authors and part of me does begrudge how easily some celebrity authors skyrocket to success. However, I have to make an exception for Osman and this series because these books feel so original and charming that you have to acknowledge their brilliance.

Title: The Man Who Died Twice
Author: Richard Osman
Type: Fiction
Published: 2021
Pages: 444
TW: Violence, Death

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