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What Christmas book are you looking forward to reading this year?
Chocolate and white wine. (Year round, to be honest.)
I could buy a copy of my own book and sign it! That’s incredibly immodest of me, but the £5 stipulation makes it irresistible.
I’m always happy to connect with readers!

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. I’m not sure I understand it, but I love the way it swings along.
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How do you plan to celebrate Christmas this year?
You have £5 to buy a Secret Santa gift – what would you buy?
www.suemoorcroft.com (where people can, like you, join Team Sue Moorcroft, or sign up for my newsletter) I want Merrily Ever After by Cathy Bramley to come to the top of my TBR pile and have recently read All I want for Christmas by Maggie Knox and The Christmas Castle in Scotland by Julie Caplin, which were both excellent. I’m sure there will be others lurking on my Kindle before too long.
How did you come up with the title for your book?
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What’s your essential Christmas food or drink?

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Sky was fostered in Middledip village and remembers it as the best part of her tricky childhood, and when she learnt what a real Christmas could be. After her friendship with erstwhile foster brother Freddy blows up, she buys a run-down old house in the village, but that cuts across the plans of Daz, who wanted it for his own fresh start. A White Christmas on Winter Street is about support, community, friendship, renewal, social responsibility, villagers who are young at heart whatever their age, and Wilf, a young lad who’s feeling lost and let down. And, of course, it’s about love.
I have one that was made for me by Fay and Pam at Greengage & Riley. It’s a scene from Under the Mistletoe. I loved it so much I commissioned them to make a candleholder for my agent with scenes from where she lives and a representation of her with her family. She loved it.

How can people follow you or connect with you on social media?

Welcome back to the blog Sue. First of all, would you tell my blog readers a little about yourself?
Thanks very much for inviting me onto your lovely blog, Joanne, and for all your support.
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I write two books a year for Avon Books. I’ve known the thrill of reaching #1 on Kindle UK and winning the Contemporary Romantic Novel Award. My emotionally compelling, feel-good novels about life and love are bestsellers in the UK and other countries.
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You might remember that last year I ran an Author in the Festive Spotlight feature last year. In this feature, authors told me about their Christmas or winter themed release and shared some of their Christmas favourites. I certainly enjoyed reading these and so did my blog readers going by the response. So I’m running this again this year with a few new questions. Over November and December, you can read two or three Festive Spotlights a week. I’m especially pleased that my first guest is Sue Moorcroft, a great favourite of mine. I’m currently reading and loving her festive release, A White Christmas on Winter Street, so you can expect to read my review very soon.
In a nutshell, what is your Christmas book about?
Born into an army family, I’ve lived in Germany, Cyprus and Malta but now live in Northamptonshire, England. My loves are family, Formula 1, reading, writing, Zumba, friends, wine and chocolate. My hates are unkind people, milk, coffee and Brussels sprouts.
What’s your favourite Christmas song?
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And finally, what’s your favourite Christmas tree decoration?
With family. We usually have a quiet Christmas Day, followed by extended family celebrations on Boxing Day and maybe the day after, one for each side of the family. I think it’s my turn to host the Moorcroft one…

I didn’t! I told my editor I was calling it Winter on Christmas Street and she instantly asked to rejig it.
You are most welcome Sue, always a pleasure to have you as a guest. A White Christmas on Winter Street is published by Avon Books and available now in all formats. You’ll find it on many supermarket shelves, in bookshops or you can order your copy online here:
A White Christmas on Winter Street

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