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Willow, the youngest, was always more sunny and easy-going, yet drifted through life, much to her father’s frustration. But now, with charming new boyfriend, Rick, she has a very good reason to settle down.
About the Book
Since the sudden death of her husband, Naomi has steadily rebuilt the life they shared in the village of Tilsham by the sea.
Mothers and Daughters is one of these books where you will probably, at least initially, relate to one character more than the others, perhaps depending on your own age and stage of life. I’m in between the ages of the mother and daughters in the book but was definitely more on the side of Naomi and so pleased for her finding love in later life and enjoying a fulfilling relationship with old friend Ellis. Martha quite annoyed me to begin with being so suspicious and judgemental about her mother’s newfound happiness. But by the end you will fiercely love them all.
Her eldest daughter, Martha, is sensible and determined – just like her father was – and very much in control of where her life is going. If she could just get pregnant with her husband, life would be perfect.
I stayed up late into the night to finish this one as I was so caught up in the lives of the three women. Mothers and Daughters is really captivating read, a book to lose yourself in, from a natural and gifted storyteller. I loved it from start to finish!
About the Author
The three women are as close as can be. But there are things Naomi has kept from her daughters. Like the arrival of Ellis, a long-lost friend from way back, now bringing the fun and spark back into her life. And she’s certainly never told them that her marriage to their father wasn’t quite what it seemed…
Even happy families have their secrets…
The Sunday Times bestselling author Erica James returns with this gloriously compelling tale of mothers and daughters, secrets and love.
Naomi, Martha and Willow are all strong and complex female characters with all kinds of issues and secrets, strengths and flaws. Even Willow who seems to drift rather aimlessly through life has an inner strength at her core.
I have only recently discovered Erica James’ wonderful writing which is ridiculous really given that Mothers and Daughters is her 24th novel! Her books about love, secrets, family drama and friendships are just my kind of read. I am very grateful to the author for personally sending me a copy of this book to read. Mothers and Daughters is published today by HQ Stories in hardback, audiobook and for e-readers. The paperback will follow in July.
Erica James is the number one international bestselling author of twenty-three novels, including the Sunday Times top ten bestsellers Summer at the LakeThe Dandelion Years and Song of the Skylark. She has sold over five million books worldwide and her work has been translated into thirteen languages. Erica won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award for her novel Gardens of Delight, set in beautiful Lake Como, Italy, which has become a second home to her. Her authentic characters are thanks to her fondness for striking up conversation with complete strangers. Chat to Erica online: | Twitter: @TheEricaJames | Facebook: @EricaJamesAuthor | Instagram: @the_ericajames
My Thoughts

Erica James writes with wonderful insight into relationships of all kinds – romantic, familial, friendships, loving relationships and abusive relationships. Telling her story with multiple narrators builds up a complete and rounded picture of events through various viewpoints.

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