Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin. Her novels have been translated into thirty-five languages and have sold more than twenty-five million copies in over fifty countries. Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series.
About the book
About the Author
She lives in Dublin with her family.
She and her books have won numerous awards, including the Irish Book Award for Popular Fiction for The Year I Met You.
My heart really went out to Allegra several times throughout the book. She comes across as quite a lonely person and I don’t think she realised just how special she was to so many people. One of the joys of this book was her finally beginning to realise that she was deserving of love and attention.
And what characters they were! Allegra Bird, or Freckles as she is often known, is one of these quirky, special heroines who really stick in the mind. She’s not had the easiest of lives and had some troubles in the past but what she has always had is the love of her father. Dedicated to her work as a traffic warden (who thought they would ever love a traffic warden character?), she’s often at the sharp end of some nasty comments as she tickets people. One such comment really makes her think about who the people are who are important to her and what kind of person she wants to be.
I listened to this as an audiobook and must say how wonderful the narrator, Amy McAllister, was. Hearing the book read in an Irish accent was just brilliant. The narrator read with such warmth and she really brought the characters to life for me.
As she searches for connection, Allegra is about to find out that it is our differences that make life worth living – if only someone can help you to join the dots . . .
Her legacy from her mother is more complicated – until one question from a stranger inspires a change. What if it isn’t about fitting in, but finding the people who make you who you are? Who would those people be?
Like stars in the night sky, freckles are scattered across Allegra Bird’s arms, a legacy from her beloved father.
My Thoughts

What if the people who have the power to change your life are the ones who have been there all along…
Cecelia Ahern has a real talent for writing about emotions and will make you love some of her characters and hate others! It’s a book about human connections and why they are so important to us. In a charming way Allegra discovers that her friends and family are what matter to her and that she matters to them too. Freckles is a such a hopeful and heart-warming read and I loved it.
I am a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern’s writing and am delighted to share my review of her most recent book Freckles with you today. The paperback was published in October. I listened to the audiobook version which I borrowed from the Libby app.

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