A talented counsellor at work in York, she is however floundering in her own life. Her romantic track record is woeful, her finances are in a pickle, and she’s back in a house-share after splitting up with her useless ex.
This is a book which may have you giggling at times and then the next moment finding a lump in your throat. Jane Lovering is so good at giving her characters such real and relatable problems and making her readers really root for them. This book was interesting because although you are firmly on Ruby’s side from the start, as you begin to find out more about Zac you can’t help but be on his side too!
Happy-go-lucky, Mr Positivity, Zac Drewe also loves his job – the trouble is, it’s the same as Ruby’s, and the management have decided to ‘rationalise’ their department. There’s only room for one of them.
As the snow and winter close in on York, Ruby and Zac have everything to lose, and Ruby starts to wonder if the happy face Zac shows the world, might be disguising a sadder secret.
About the Author
But one thing Ruby is brilliant at, is helping other people find a way through their problems, and she excels at the job she loves, doing just that.
Jane Lovering is the bestselling and award-winning romantic comedy writer who won the RNA Novel of the Year Award in 2012 with Please Don’t Stop the Music. She lives in Yorkshire and has a cat and a bonkers terrier, as well as five children who have now left home.
Ruby Oldbridge needs to learn to take her own advice.
Office politics and the pressures of work are explored in a very realistic way and I actually felt quite sorry for their boss who seemed completely out of his depth and uncomfortable at what he was having to do. Priya was a brilliant character, so straight-talking and a great friend to Ruby. A couple of the clients who Ruby and Zac were working with provided some memorable moments too.
About the book
Set against one another, they are unlikely friends. But perhaps, if they could take the time to understand each other, they might discover that rather than rivals, they could be the best thing that ever happened to one another…
I do enjoy Jane Lovering’s writing and I like the way that she is able to cover some deep issues in a book that also encompasses romance and humour. In A Midwinter Match, Ruby is forced to compete with Zac for one position after a company merger. They counsel people who are long term unemployed and help them find ways back into work. They’d like to hate each other but actually they quite like each other which makes life a bit tricky. The thing is, they both have their reasons for really, really needing the job!
A Midwinter Match is published by Boldwood Books in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. You will find buying links for several retailers on the Boldwood website here: A Midwinter Match. I bought and reviewed my own Kindle copy.
Jane kindly took part in my #AuthorInTheFestiveSpotlight recently – you can read that here.
There may be cold weather and plenty snow making York look picture book pretty in this story but Jane Lovering has suffused her book with warm humour which brings a smile to the face. A Midwinter Match is a heart-warming, feel good read with more than a few moving scenes. A great book to curl up by the fire with this winter.

Funny, fresh and fantastically warm-hearted, discover Jane Lovering’s unforgettable new cast of characters and irresistible, feel-good story. Perfect for fans of Julie Houston, Beth O’Leary and Kate Forster

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