Thirteen Book Review

Title: Thirteen
Author: Steve Cavanagh
Type: Fiction
Published: 2018
Pages: 356
TW: Death, animal death, murder, violence
For fans of: I See You, Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and John Grisham novels.

9.3Gripping, Unique, Thrilling
I also loved that this book had multiple perspectives; when thrillers and murder mysteries use unreliable narratives to try and deceive the reader it’s such a good way of keeping the reader hooked and I think Cavanagh did this brilliantly – it’s certainly not a predictable book!
“Guilt was a tattoo that weighed two hundred pounds. As long as I fought for those clients I believed in, I was slowly shedding that weight. It would take time.”
This book has one of the most intruiging premises: “The serial killer isn’t on the trial. He’s on the jury.” To be honest, I don’t really need to write a review, because if that doesn’t convince you to read this book, nothing will! The plot centres on a Hollywood power couple who are at the centre of a murder trial when one of them is accused of killing the other. Enter Eddie Flynn – a retired con artist turned lawyer who seems to be the only one who can take the case on. But the evidence is against them, and time is running out, it’s going to take an ex-criminal to catch a criminal, and Eddie Flynn hopes he’s the man for the job.
As characters, Cavanagh did a great job of really fleshing out their back stories and personalities. They felt like real people with real emotions and real dilemmas to resolve! As a villain, the murderer was also very interesting because Cavanagh really didn’t hold back in making him despicable and ruthless with barely a trace of humanity in him! This coupled with the fast-paced action of the plot meant that the book was very hard to put down.

The legal thriller genre is probably one of the most over saturated parts of the book world, but it was so refreshing to see such a unique and thrilling plot and premise. Cavanagh does such a good job of creating a plausible yet totally gripping story, I cannot wait to read the other books in this series!
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Obviously I loved the premise of this, so was pretty hooked from page one, but it’s evident too that Cavanagh has experience in law because the attention to detail and complexity of the situations were very well researched and presented. I loved how layered the plot was – not only are you trying to work out who the murderer is, but there are mysteries to resolve within that and all the while time is ticking on and you know the murderer is getting closer and closer to achieving what they want…

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