Ware really is the queen of suspense, once again I found myself barely able to put the book down and desperate to piece together the clues of her clever whodunnit. This book differed slightly from The Turn of the Key given that it is dual narrated, but we still get juicy unreliable narrators and chapters that end in cliffhangers galore!
Title: One by One
Author: Ruth Ware
Type: Fiction
Published: 2020
Pages: 374
TW: Sexual Assault, Violence, Gaslighting, Bullying, Death of a Loved One, Trauma
I think the personalities, coupled with their relationships with each other (plus the spooky atmosphere of an isolated chalet surrounded by nothing but snow) is really what made this book so good. I felt like I could build a palpable connection to everyone in it, and that was why it was all the more shocking when one of them ended up dead. It made me even more desperate to find out who was doing it.

“I couldn’t stand to be there with the people still walking in that perpetual golden sun while I lived in a place that was black with guilt and grief.” 
I have to admit, while the ending was satisfying, I perhaps expected a little too much from it, because even on the final page I was waiting for one more twist. That being said, this book is full to the brim with twists and turns and there’s never really a dull moment. I guarantee even if you work out the killer, you still won’t be able to predict the messy and unexpected path we take to uncovering them and brining justice to those who have been slain.

9.1Gripping, Addictive, Unmissable

Easily one of my favourite books of last year was Ruth Ware’s The Turn of the Key. It was so gripping with a brilliant plot and cliffhangers and jump scares that kept me right on the edge of my seat. So this spooky season I knew I wanted to dive into another of her books! One by One is set in the ski resort of Saint Antoine. The two hosts – Erin and Danny – are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a group of guests, all of whom work for a tech start-up called Snoop. As soon as they arrive it’s clear there’s ego and vanity aplenty, but Erin is intrigued by the group’s less than conventional relationship with each other. As she begins to see the cracks appear, tensions mount in the isolated chalet. Then suddenly one of them is dead, but who killed them, and more importantly…who’s next?

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All in all I was thoroughly happy to once again be int he mind of this brilliant writer, and also once again reminded that I should always (ALWAYS) read these books in broad daylight. If, like me, you’re someone who lets their imagination run a little too wild when it’s dark, then I recommend you do the same.

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