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Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas, illustrated by Korky Paul – review

Publication date – 20 October 2022 (luckily my cats don’t vanish into the decor). Here’s to 35 more years of being discovered and loved by children and adults alike. Winne the Witch has been a

The Bookstore Sisters by Alice Hoffman | #shortstory #bookreview #AmazonOriginalStories | @AmazonPub @ahoffmanwriter

The Bookstore Sisters is a short story I got as part of the Amazon First Reads programme. If you have Amazon Prime membership, each month you can choose from a small selection of free e-books.

Boyfriend Material Book Review

8.5Loveable, Charismatic, Fun All in all this was a loveable, if somewhat safe, romance. If you’re looking for a replacement for McQuiston’s Red White and Royal Blue, you might find Boyfriend Material and bit tame.

My Chronicle Book Box | October 2022 – Feel Good Fiction Book Box #FeelGoodFiction | @MyChronicleBB

Further details and subscription link are here I’ve ordered from Louise before and am so impressed of how much care is taken in packing each box. Being a complimentary offer, mine was in a plain

Winnie and Wilbur – 35th anniversary edition #WinnieTheWitch | written by Valerie Thomas, illustrated by Korky Paul | @oxfordchildrens @MidasPR

This anniversary edition celebrates 35 years of the original Winnie and Wilbur adventure. Since creating her characters Winnie and Wilbur in 1987, Valerie Thomas has taken them on all kinds of adventures: on a broomstick

ShortBookandScribes #BookReview – Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey

Events from the earlier books are hinted at and I would have loved some kind of recap as things were hazily coming back to me. However, this book can be read as a standalone (although

Desert Island Books: Seán Hewitt

It’s hard to pick a modern poet, but for the range of his voice, the movement from folk ballads and songs to intensely-wrought modernist lyrics, Yeats is (for me) unparallelled. I find him baffling and

My Life in Books: Charles Pignal

Recently, I read The Magician, by Colm Toibín. It’s a fictionalized biography of the German writer Thomas Mann. I’ve read a couple of books by Thomas Mann and find him to be a challenging-but-rewarding writer.

Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan | #bookreview #bookerprize #shortlist | @FaberBooks @CKeeganFiction

His quiet love for his five daughters and his wife shines through the book. He is well aware that the situation for him and his own mother could have been very different but for the

ShortBookandScribes #BookReview – Auld Acquaintance by Sofia Slater

Should auld acquaintance be forgot Tense, moody and claustrophobic, Auld Acquaintance is the unputdownable debut by Sofia Slater. Related But things go wrong the moment the ferry drops her off. The stately home is more down at