Month: September 2020

To Die For Book Review

When her husband is shot dead by her teenage boyfriend, would-be television journalist Suzanne Maretto steps into the role of grieving widow with a brilliant performance. But few suspect her dark side. This chilling novel

Book Review: Fifty Fifty By Steve Cavanagh. #LegalThriller

Alexandra Avellino has just found her father’s mutilated body, and needs the police right away. She believes her sister killed him, and that she is still in the house with a knife. I’m already looking

Insomniac City Book Review

Tender, moving, heartbreaking and beautifully observed, this prose-rich tale is an ode, a eulogy and a love letter to the city – and the man – who stole Bill Hayes’ heart. Buy Insomniac City from Waterstones, Amazon or Amazon

Everything I know after five years away from home

Everything I know after five years away from home

Love this post? Click here to subscribe. It requires a certain kind of unconditional love to love living here as an expat. But Sydney repays you a million times over if you let it. In his beautiful

The Vanishing Half Book Review

The Vanishing Half Book Review

Born and raised in Southern California, Brit Bennett graduated from Stanford University and later earned her MFA in fiction at the University of Michigan, where she won a Hopwood Award in Graduate Short Fiction as

Queen Bee by Jane Fallon. Book Review.

My Thoughts: But has Laura forgotten that revenge never comes without a sting in the tail? Twitter @JaneFallon Links: The book is up to date and modern with even a mention of my latest favourite