Remembering Mary Christine

kiki 65

May 25, 2015 marked three years since the ruthless disease of Breast Cancer stole Christine away from us.

Mary Christine Pieschel   10/11/1954 ~ 05/25/2012


She would have loved to be on this adventure with us, and it is especially in her honor Peter and I are out here now while we are still young. We know she is watching over us and she continues to inspire us every day to keep doing what makes us happy.

She fought as long as she could and wore the biggest smile you had ever seen until the very end. She touched many lives and will forever be remembered for the amazing woman, mother, sister, aunt, daughter and friend that she was.

After hearing countless memories remembered and retold by loved ones, there is no doubt in my mind that Peter gets his adventurous spirit from his mother, Christine, and his father, Pete. They were both taken from this world far too soon yet both live on through their only son as he follows his dreams and his heart. They would both be so very proud.

Life is short, enjoy the time you have to the very fullest and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Below is a very special photo that Peter had never seen until just a few months ago. Shown from left to right are the most influential people that helped raise him to be the man he is today: Lucile (Peter’s aunt and Christine’s twin sister), Christine (mother), Pete (father), and Wiley (Pete’s best friend and Godfather/step-father to Peter).

ball game 2

Kiki-66 - Copy-2

Christine passed away with her longtime partner Dave by her side. He meant the world to her and has always been an amazing father-figure to Peter.


little peterScan22011 turkey day


Christine’s twin sister Lucile has been participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk in San Diego (60 miles in three days) for the last four years and has rallied a team of over 100 people walking in honor of Christine. She walks because she told her sister she would never stop…

Tiny House Recap: March and April

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Goodbye Grenada, Hello Virgin Islands

passage north GND-STT-5

I know, I know, I’m terribly behind in sharing with you all what we’ve been up to the last six months. I’ve been a bit more active on Facebook but it’s time I catch up here on the blog. Lets step back in time a bit…

It was the end of November when we decided to pack up and leave our cozy little anchorage as we waved ‘Goodbye Grenada’. Our friend Steve on Lunacy was aiming for the same weather window we were to head North before the Christmas Winds arrived, though he took off a few days before us (pictured above). He knew it would be a little rough but preferred to have enough wind to sail the entire way and not have to motor as long as he could help it. We, on the other hand, preferred to wait for slightly calmer waters.

Instead of island hopping up the chain, we plotted a course straight to USVI from Grenada. The first day offshore was a bit uncomfortable, but we had been through worse. Eventually the wind and waves subsided and we motor-sailed the rest of the way in the light and variable winds. Could we have handled the rougher conditions that Steve experienced and used less fuel? Sure. Did we want to put the stress on our boat and on ourselves? No. Because we have dogs on board, rough conditions make it very challenging to take the dogs potty on deck and to simply make sure they’re safe. Gunner is getting older and we agreed it would be better for all of us if we took it easy.


I’d say Gunner was comfortable, wouldn’t you? 🙂

passage north GND-STT-10

It was just us and the ocean. All alone. We were maybe 100nm away at most from any land though it felt as if we were in the middle of nowhere. After living in Grenada for a solid 4 months it was really strange to be on a passage again. Only this time, we felt at home. It was a new experience in the sense that it was our longest offshore passage to date, though we knew what to expect and we were prepared in a way that we hadn’t been before. A little bit of experience goes a long way.

passage north GND-STT-14

I had made a few ziplocks full of popcorn to snack on and the dogs sure were happy to share. It’s been Gunner’s favorite treat since he was a puppy so he was pretty excited when Peter kept tossing him some as we leisurely cruised along.

We saw gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, each with new palettes of colors painting the entire sky.

passage north GND-STT-23

We saw The Green Flash and even captured it on camera a few times… Can you see it? Look close.

passage north GND-STT-25passage north GND-STT-27

Before we knew it, three and a half days had passed by and we were sailing into the US Virgin Islands. We passed by St. Croix and headed for Great St. James Island. Little did we know, Christmas Cove would be our home for the next six months.

We are currently STILL sitting in Christmas Cove and preparing to had back down island for Hurricane Season. Stay tuned for photos of all the friends and family that came down to visit and kept us busy during the last six months!

Tiny House Blog: A Life Less Ordinary

tobago cays-37

Our friends Wes and Elizabeth were a bit hesitant at first to stay in our tiny floating home but once they arrived it didn’t take long for them to see why we’re so happy living this life less ordinary.

“They shared how the most surprising part of their visit was learning how easy it is to live simply.”

Click the link to read my latest post originally published on Tiny House Blog –>> A Life Less Ordinary

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We’re Still Here! 6-month recap

Lately, I’ve done a terrible job at keeping up with the blog! I think it’s been a whole month since I posted something here last.

Please accept my apologies for the gap in publishing and please keep checking back for new stories. There is SO much I want to share with you all but life on a boat is actually quite busy on the Mary Christine. The dogs keep us busy and there are of course always projects to work on and things to fix.

When we left Grenada (pictured below) we bee-lined it up to the Virgin Islands in a 3 and a half day passage. Ever since, we’ve had guests on board for almost more time than we’ve been alone. We LOVE sharing this life of ours with family and friends but it leaves little time for me to write both here and over at Tiny House Blog. If you don’t hear from me or see new posts for awhile, just know that we are off doing something really cool 😉

Here’s a little glimpse of what our last six months have looked like:

November – Izzy – 10 days

December – Dad and Stacy – 3 weeks

January – Lucy (Peter’s aunt) and Julie (Cousin) – 8 days

January – Wiley (Peter’s step-dad) and his sister Emma – 8 days

February – Captain’s School – all month

March – I worked at Pizza Pi helping out for a week and photographed a wedding!

March – Michael and Stacie – 7 days

April – Michael and Stacie – 5 days

April – Mom and Kevin are here on the boat with us now for two weeks 🙂

I know some of you that read the blog do not use Facebook. Please know that even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still see what we’ve been up to! Our Facebook page is public and you can check it out anytime, just like you visit this site. – Consider it as our ‘second’ website!  This is where I post most of our updates, random photos and current info about what is going on in our world. We’ve shared some crazy adventures recently 😉 If you’re already following us there, THANK YOU for liking our page! We love to see your comments!


Just in case you missed some of the recent posts I’ve done on, here’s a recap of the posts published in February! 

Tiny Floating Homes: Necesse – A tiny house tour of SV Necesse, home to our good friends Eben, Genevieve, Arias and Ellia. >>Click here<< for the full article

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Tiny Floating Homes: Chance – Kelley and Jason traded in their Brooklyn studio for a 34′ sailboat back in 2012. Chance has been the perfect boat for them and their two dogs, but the time has come to find something just a little bigger. >>Click here<< for the full article.

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Hopefully this will give you some reading material until the next post here on Where The Coconuts Grow 🙂 We’re currently on vacation with Mom and Kevin sailing around St. Thomas, St. John and the BVIs!


It feels like yesterday that our friend Izzy was here on the boat with us…


Peter and I had been chatting with Izzy over emails for quite some time. He found us while searching for cruising blogs with dogs and had a-million-and-one  questions about how we went from zero sailing experience to being liveaboards in the Caribbean. He had questions about having a dog on board, safety in foreign countries, how we have access to the internet, what we do for food, and all kinds of other questions about the cruising lifestyle. He seemed genuinely interested in the whole experience and was very appreciative of the time we spent talking with him. We knew there was something special about this guy, so we kept writing back.

You see, Izzy has the same dream we once did to sell everything, buy a boat and sail away with his furry four-legged best friend. He desperately wants to leave the rat-race behind and go explore the world. He shares our passion for the sea, for the tropical sun and for the feeling of freedom you get when you hoist those beautiful white sails and turn off the engine.


We invited Izzy down to come sailing with us and see what this lifestyle is all about. He arrived in Grenada toward the beginning of November just after our haul out. We took him grocery shopping in Grenada and showed him how to get around. Then we showed him our whole routine. Docking the boat for fuel, cleaning the bottom of the boat, securing the outboard motor before a passage, navigating through channels, trolling fishing lines under way, and many other operational tasks. He learned about watermakers, engine maintenance, marine plumbing, and all kinds of other bits of knowledge we’ve acquired over the last year and a half.

Izzy-1Izzy-2 Izzy-3

We left Grenada and sailed up to Sandy Island just North of Carriacou. Peter and I had been there before and wanted to show Izzy the pretty beach and great snorkeling.

Izzy-5 Izzygopro-7

Peter showed him how he dives the anchor to make sure it’s dug into the sand well. We even had him watch underwater as I backed the boat down in reverse so he could actually see the anchor dig in.

Izzy-6 Izzy-7

It’s a good thing we took extra care making sure our ground tackle was secure because later that night Izzy experienced his very first squall. We had gone over to visit our friends Mike and Jennifer on Three Sheets for sundowners and dinner when a 30-knot squall barreled through. It was pitch-black and we had anchored in the back of the pack just in front of a reef. It was more stormy than we cared to venture out in by dinghy to go check on the boat so we sat tight on Three Sheets and waited out the storm. Our Delta anchor held solid, though my stomach was in knots the entire time.

That night we laughed so hard we all got an ab workout and Izzy was super stoked to experience first hand just how amazing the cruising community really is. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to meet such kind people that all share a similar passion. We’re pretty sure he was already hooked but this night really sealed the deal 🙂

Izzy-9 Izzy-10 Izzy-12

To put the icing on the cake, we took Izzy to the Grenadines and made our way over to the Tobago Cays. Our first trip there a month before was amazing but seeing it again was just unreal. The view is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’m pretty sure Izzy felt like he was in a dream too.


We swam with turtles and dove along the drop-off at Petit Tabac. Izzy got the full Caribbean experience in our favorite place of all time.

Izzygopro-8Izzy-15 Izzy-16 Izzy-18

We visited with our friends Dustin and Courtney on Captiva over an incredible gourmet lobster dinner and Izzy heard even more amazing cruising stories.

Izzy-20 Izzy-22 Izzy-24 Izzy-27 Izzy-29

I’m short and all… but Peter was standing up hill from me, I swear 🙂

Izzy-36 Izzy-37 Izzy-38 Izzy-39  Izzygopro-3 Izzygopro-4 Izzygopro-6  Izzygopro-2

We hope Izzy had a good time, we know we sure did! He is back in LA now tying up some loose ends and selling many of his belongings. When he finds the perfect cruising boat he plans on moving aboard with his dog, Kova, and then he’ll prepare the boat to meet up with us (we hope!) down island.

Izzy is a fantastic writer and an INCREDIBLY GIFTED artist, illustrator, designer and instructor. If you’re interested in learning more about Izzy and why he is choosing this amazing life at sea, click >>here<<. If you’d like to follow his progress be sure to check out his website: 

We’re currently in the US Virgin Islands looking for work now that Peter has completed all the coursework for his 100-ton Masters Captain’s license!  Do you know anyone that’s hiring?

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The Windtraveler Twins Turn ONE!

You probably know by now that Brittany and Scott have returned to Asante with Isla and the twins to pick up where they left off cruising around the Caribbean. It’s even more awesome that just a few days ago the Windtraveler twins, Mira and Haven, turned ONE! Can you believe it?Haven and Mira First Birthday-3

We had sailed over to Maho Bay, St. John earlier in the week for Genevieve’s super fun surprise party on a local floating bar, Angel’s Rest. I still can’t believe Genevieve and Brittany got me to jump 😉 Be sure to check out all the shenanigans >>here<<.

For the twins’ first birthday, March 6th, we got everyone together again on shore for a little celebration which turned out to be a picture perfect location for this very special event. With Arias and Ellia (SV Necesse) and Isla, Haven and Mira (SV Asante) the beach was overflowing with cuteness!

It’s pretty obvious from the photos, but these darling babies really are THIS happy in person! Their little personalities are bigger than life and so different from one another. Hats off to Brittany and Scott for living on a boat with three under three and making it look so easy!

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to capture all these gorgeous photos on such a special day, though it was so hard to choose my favorite photos. There are dozens more, but these are the ones I couldn’t wait to share…

Haven and Mira First Birthday-11Haven and Mira First Birthday-13Haven and Mira First Birthday-16Haven and Mira First Birthday-18Haven and Mira First Birthday-20Haven and Mira First Birthday-21Haven and Mira First Birthday-25Haven and Mira First Birthday-26Haven and Mira First Birthday-28Haven and Mira First Birthday-30Haven and Mira First Birthday-31Haven and Mira First Birthday-32Haven and Mira First Birthday-33Haven and Mira First Birthday-37Haven and Mira First Birthday-43Haven and Mira First Birthday-50Haven and Mira First Birthday-55Haven and Mira First Birthday-67Haven and Mira First Birthday-70Haven and Mira First Birthday-81Haven and Mira First Birthday-86Haven and Mira First Birthday-87Haven and Mira First Birthday-90Haven and Mira First Birthday-94Haven and Mira First Birthday-96Haven and Mira First Birthday-101Haven and Mira First Birthday-108Haven and Mira First Birthday-109Haven and Mira First Birthday-114Haven and Mira First Birthday-118Haven and Mira First Birthday-119Haven and Mira First Birthday-122Haven and Mira First Birthday-128Haven and Mira First Birthday-130Haven and Mira First Birthday-131Haven and Mira First Birthday-132Haven and Mira First Birthday-138Haven and Mira First Birthday-141Haven and Mira First Birthday-142Haven and Mira First Birthday-145Haven and Mira First Birthday-148Haven and Mira First Birthday-150

BEWARE: Beneful Dog Food – A class action lawsuit is under way


BEWARE: BENEFUL DOG FOOD!!! – It was a very sad morning as we helped our friends take their 7 year old dog to the vet this morning after showing no signs of improvement from a rapidly declining condition over the last few days. Even the vet was in tears as she broke the news that kidney failure was too far along and it would be best to put the dog down. The vet (here in St.Thomas USVI) said it was the THIRD dog they have had to put down recently, after being fed Purina Beneful food!!! Our hearts are breaking…

We don’t normally spread news like this without concrete evidence but it’s a very serious problem and as pet owners ourselves, we are extremely concerned. We’ve had our dogs on Beneful for the last six months too, as it’s very hard to find a decent and affordable dog food in the islands. We are switching immediately!! We’ll also be contacting Purina for a refund of the four unused bags we recently purchased.

Read this article for more info or search google for Beneful Lawsuit:

The attorneys are publicizing the case, obviously, in the hope of finding more affected parties to join in the class action. And here are the indications, in case you’re familiar with a dog or dog owner to whom this might have happened:

The sickened dogs allegedly showed “consistent symptoms,” including stomach and related internal bleeding, liver malfunction or failure, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, seizures and kidney failure.

Anyone looking to join in the class action should call SF-based law firm Ram, Olson, Cereghino & Kopczynski. (ROCK Law) and Morgan & Morgan have launched a class action suit against Nestle Purina following reports of large numbers of pets becoming sick or dying after eating Purina’s Beneful dry dog food. They are continuing to collect information about the extent of this tragedy. If you or someone you know believe your pet became ill from Beneful dry dog food, please let them know. Call toll free at 1-877-667-4265.

If your pet has also gotten sick from this food, please report it to the FDA!

Please share this with anyone you know that may be affected!!!

A New Look

You may have noticed things look a little different here at I’ve been playing around with new themes to give our site a new look.

Click on the logo at the top of any page to get back to the home page and start from the beginning.

Check it out, click around and let me know what you think!  Did I miss anything? Feedback is always welcome!

There are still a few minor changes in the works, but for now this is our new home 🙂

new web design

Hauling Out

Before we left Grenada a few months ago, we were singing the boatyard blues, hauling out to fix a few things and get some fresh bottom paint on Mary Christine.

haul out 2014-1

We arrived early for our appointment, got all set up in the Travelift, then the rains started.

haul out 2014-2 haul out 2014-3

Finally the rain stopped.

haul out 2014-4

Up, up and away!

haul out 2014-5haul out 2014-6

Transitioning out of the lift and straps…

haul out 2014-7 haul out 2014-8 haul out 2014-9

Not surprisingly, the yard still counted time against us even though no one was working on our boat yet. Our appointment to arrive was 11am and it took the guys literally all day to just get the boat placed in the yard, without any actual work commencing at all. By the time we were all secure, it was time for everyone to go home.

Yep, we’re on island time.

Peter and I returned the next day bright and early to make sure everything was getting done. We opted to have the yard crew do most of the work for our first haul out instead of trying to get it all done ourselves and taking up more yard time. We also had a laundry list of items we wanted to take care of while on the hard:

  • New bottom paint
  • New bootstripe
  • Repaint the stern
  • Recondition the prop
  • Take apart two seized thru-hulls
  • Replace a below-the-waterline t-fitting that connects the aft sink and cockpit drain
  • Repack the stuffing box
  • Remove the wind generator to diagnose motor issues

haul out 2014-10

The last time the bottom paint was done was before we bought the boat. The yard that painted it last did not do a very good job prepping the surface before painting because there was a lot of areas where the paint had started to separate and peel off around the water line. This wasn’t a terrible thing, but it sure did look bad and we were careful to make sure it was done better this time.

haul out 2014-11 haul out 2014-12 haul out 2014-13 haul out 2014-14

What’s it like to climb up the ladder when your boat is on the hard? Crazy!

First off, the ladder is hardly secure. The first couple of times up and down was pretty nerve wracking. Once I reached the top, the view was incredible! I had a hard time believing the boat was stable. If even one of those jack stands failed, all the boats would go down like dominoes. Going inside the boat was even weirder. My body is so trained to adjust to the motion of the waves when I’m on the boat, yet everything was so still. It was kind of like how it feels to close your eyes and take a shower on land after being on a boat for a few hours. It’s a really strange sensation to be still when your mind tells you it shouldn’t be still.

I went down below to escape the scorching sun and make something to eat for lunch. Everything was already feeling dirty just from being in the yard. Dust from the ground and from all the sanding was getting dirt and green paint dust everywhere. A boat yard is NOT a place for anyone that has OCD tendencies. Everything gets filthy. Period.

After climbing up that ladder for the first time I was really thankful we didn’t even consider staying on the boat in the yard. It would have been WAY too hard with the dogs, with no way to take them potty. They couldn’t go up and down the ladder, and they couldn’t go potty on deck because we’d have to hose it off, which would run down the side of the boat into the yard. Instead, the dogs were happy in the little cottage we had rented back at Secret Harbor Marina. They had air conditioning, a bed to lay on, and lots of places to go for walks. A doggy vacation, really.

haul out 2014-17haul out 2014-15 haul out 2014-16

Easy access to replace the zinc…

haul out 2014-18

Our boat looked like an Easter Egg while the paint near the waterline was properly sanded down and prepped for new paint to be applied.

haul out 2014-19

What a stud… working hard in the boat yard.

haul out 2014-20

Our propeller needed to be machined to correct the pitch. Remember when we lost our steering because the bolt came loose on our rudder post in Bimini, Bahamas? Well, when that happened, the edges of our prop hit the inside of our rudder and evenly bent the tips of all three blades. It didn’t noticeably affect our performance or speed so we waited until our next haul out to address this issue. Luckily, Spice Island Marine has an on-site independent contractor that could fix our prop! This was a huge relief since we had heard the only way to get your prop fixed in Grenada is to send it to Trinidad, or buy a new one. Nick at Technic had his guys make our prop good as new in a few days, just in time for us to splash.

haul out 2014-21 haul out 2014-22

The whole process took about 5 days, which was faster than expected.

haul out 2014-24 haul out 2014-25

The boys in the yard prepared the lift and straps with fresh plastic wrapping to help protect the new paint.

haul out 2014-26

So pretty!

haul out 2014-27

Easy does it.

haul out 2014-28

AND SHE FLOATS! A very exciting moment after we had messed with several areas that could cause serious flooding if not done properly.

haul out 2014-29

It felt SO good to be back on the water again… right where we belong 🙂

We are currently in the US Virgin Islands while Peter finishes taking classes to get his Captain’s License!